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Hi guys! I'm back

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I'm so so so so sorry. I never been here so long. Im soo miss u all !
We (me and my hb) have problems with my previous cat Darius, but i dont know how translate it on english. My hb havent time for help.

Darius are good, but he live not with me now.
He love his new mommy.
And happy in new home.
He live us in april 2005.

After that i thinking: no cats now!
But maybe i cant live without cats, i dont know guys.
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Welcome back!

I'm sorry to hear that your kitty doesn't live with you anymore
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Im asking my husband translate some story about my cat.
He said: I'll help you in this weekend. Ok i'll waiting.
(but i know, he dont want talking about it )
To all: i love my Darius u know!
But i know also he feels better in new home with new mommy.

p.s: sorry for my bad english, guys

Miss Mew
Thank you for understand.
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Sorry to hear you don't have a kitty anymore

Welcome back though
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Hello LuLu.

thank you for understand.

I'm dublicate this thread in The Cat Lounge.
I'll think this thread better for "The Cat Lounge" forum.
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You can always enjoy all the kitties here - and no litter box to clean out!
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Welcome back! We will be glad to share our kitties with you.
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no fun , gemlady
i have cats now.
but its top secret.
this accident in my life.
and i love them.

i have story about it all,
but my hb must translate it.
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krazy kat2

Thank you very much!!!
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Welcome back! I am sorry to hear Darius is no longer with you, but glad to hear you are both doing ok
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Hi and Welcome Back to TCS!!!

See you on the forums!
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Awww CoolCat!!!!
Nice to see you again, dear!
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Hi welcome back to TCS!
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Hi little cat and family:

Glad to meet you all and hope you don't mean that about no more cat! Can't live without cats! Your sigtag is so beautiful with Zarina and Baileys and their little Glenda, Godric, and Gemma...and I am very glad Darius is in a loving home!!! There is no cat problem that cannot be solved -- someone on this site can help with any problem! Glad you are here and look forward to talking with you ... I am servant to 9 rescued cats! all indoor-only and spayed/neutered, of course!
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