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We're baaaaaaaack! (And just as adorable as ever!!)

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So, I think the last time I posted pictures was in....February?


So, getting back to business.

How can you argue with a face this handsome?!

.....or one this adorable?

They don't call them cat burglars for nothin'!

Seriously. She's give Rosie a run for her money as far as "Sassiest Calico on TCS"!

I think this one speaks for itself

But mom! Pay attention to me!

While I do chores every morning, they do this.

Seriously. Can't argue with the cuteness!!!

I hope you enjoyed your refresher course in Leo/Raphie/Gracie!!!! They're glad to be back!
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Oh my, those photos of Leo make me want to jump right in and take a nap! I can't believe you get anything done, I'd want to sleep all day!
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They really are as adorable as ever, Allie!
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Ohh I just want to squeeze them SOOo cute!!!!
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Those are the cutest! I love Leo! He reminds me of my Phenom!!
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What gorgeous kitties you have!!!
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Allie, that picture of Gracie on the Monopoly board is hilarious! Great pictures of your babies .
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So cute.
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They are so adorable!
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Aww their so adorable
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Allie, your babies are such beauties!! I just love Leo showing his tummy, so cute!!
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Thanks for the updates!! great pics
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Your babies are amazing. Everytime I see them, they make me smile. But then again all cats make me smile . Thanks for the update.
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Aww, I don't think I would get very many morning chores done...that face invites you back to keep the bed warm!

So who won the Monopoly game? My money's on Gracie!
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