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WHAT Do I DO?? 2 strays!

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We had two stays come to our house last night. My husband won't let me keep them,, we rent so we have two cats already.

Anyways,, I've called all the local Shelters and Humane Society's there all full!!!

What do I do???
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Angel, you may have to call the humane societies a little further away from you until you find one that will take them. The other thing is to put up notices in the neighborhood, asking if these cats belong to anyone. Are they friendly?
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You might try calling vet offices, too. Some have adoption centers in them, or might have connections that can help you.

Thanks for helping these kitties!
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I, too recently found a stray and ran into the same situation with everyone being full ....It brought a new light to me as to what the situation is out there ........

I was advised to get on petfinders.com and in my local area just start contacting the rescue groups and letting them know of the situation. Take pictures of these kitties because they will ask for one...... I had several of the rescue groups contact me and posted him on several websites including petfinder, in the meantime they were looking at any of their fosters to see if anyone could foster him. Within a week, someone contacted me and wanted to adopt him. Everyone advised me not to adopt him out for free. I had my vet assist me with the lady who adopted him and everything was fine. Im sure the rescue groups will be able to advise you to all the details. Good Luck its a scary situation out there for cats.
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Also as Kumbulu advised ...... please check to see if they belong to anyone, they may have just lost their way. They may be mircro chipped, your vet can tell you. Check local lost and found ads or any posted signs for missing cats. Additionally, if you post up signs for them just post that you have found 2 cats with their approximate age and let them describe the cats to you so that you can be sure they are the rightful owners.
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Where are you at in Indiana? I know there are a million rescues around Fort Wayne, so maybe I could help you try to find one. Granted they are probably all full too, but it's worth a try.
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Thanks for the advice...

They were dropped off.. I live in the country,, they really are just starved babies... No chips or anything...

I live Southeastern indiana,, in Batesville. So I'm kind of far away from Fort Wayne,, but thanks for the help....

I took pictures but I need to upload them... A lady here at work, is thinking about taking them.. I HOPE.. Cross your fingers pleaseee...

That would be a great great home for them!!!!
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Well.. It keeps on coming!!!

I went home for lunch today,, and low and behold, another kitten, same colors and everything... I don't get it. Either someone has dumped off a litter in the corn fields,, or there coming from the farm over a mile away.. I'm going over there tonight too investigate, and see..

If not,, I've know got 3 stray cat in the basement, lucky me.. My husband isn't loving me right now..
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That's so sad that the nearby shelters are all full If you are able to adopt them out, make sure you get them tested for FELV, FIP, worms, etc. first before sending them into households that have other cats. Good luck!
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Where are you at in Indiana. We are looking to add a cat to our family. I live south of Terre Haute
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