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This is so great!!!

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Guess what, guys? I just had to share this. Most of you know about how I came to adopt Claire and how it took months for her to trust me. Well, last night for the first time, she sat on my lap!!! I can't tell you how happy and excited I am about this. It's like my sweet angel girl finally knows that she's truly home! I love her so much!
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That IS great!! I am so glad Claire is beginning to trust you more and more! What a sweet girl!
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Oh, Eileen! What wonderful news! That first lap time is just so special -- even when it hasn't taken months to get over the trust hurdle.
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Congradulations to both of you! Well done.
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Yay that's great news! Shes a cutiepie!!!
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What fantastic news! Congratulations to you, and to Claire for how far you've come!
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happy day!!!
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Great news!!
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Thanks, everybody! Guess Claire finally decided laps are a good thing!
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We had the same issues with Jazmine, she was abused before we took her in.

I know what a wonderful feeling that is, the smallest progress means so much. Congrats!!
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Congratulations! Lap times are so special........and I'm glad that Claire knows that too now!
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That's fantastic!!!! It's amazing how just a small gesture can mean so much!

This morning, Lily was at the top of the stairs and DH went up to her, and she let him pat her, and he was soooo excited! She's very shy out in the open like that, and because I've spent a lot more time with her, she's more shy with him.

I hope Claire keeps on improving
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Hooray for our brave little Claire!!
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That is so awesome!!
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Is there any better feeling than having a scared kitty crawl in your lap for the first time?
I am so happy for you and Claire. I hope this is the first of much lap time.
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Oh, that must have been such an awesome, great feeling!!!

Good luk to you and Claire!!
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Joy! What a special celebration for you and Claire, Eileen!
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That's wonderful!!!! I'm sooo excited Caire is beginning to loosen up more around you!
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