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RIP sweet darling Tuffy - run free now
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The last 2 or 3 days before the end he went down hill so fast. When I picked him up from the vets office Monday morning after being there the weekend he was almost his old self. By Thursday morning when he went to the vet at 8:30 in the morning, the inside of his ears and mouth were all yellow from his liver giving up. He was having a hard time breathing and he had yellow junk coming from his nose. When the took his temp the thermometer was just covered in old thick blood. His back legs were giving out on him also. So it was not hard for me to see it was time to end his suffering. Even in that shape he still had not gave up, he was still trying to eat and drink that morning yet. He lived up to his name right till the very end.
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Tom, there was nothing more you could have done for Tuffy, it was by far the best thing for this amazing cat that you set him free from pain and said goodbye to him.
He always amazed me at how 'tuff' he was, despite what life threw at him. He was happy while in your care and none of us here, who knew Tuffy's story will ever forget him.
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Tom it's only natural that your feeling angry. It's all part of the grieving process be it with a human or an animal, but please don't beat yourself up.

You'll see Tuffy again you can be sure of that, and he'll see you before you see him!
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Tom-I'm so sorry about loosing Tuffy. Tuffy was a well loved, truly special kitty. RIP Tuffy.

Pombina's right....no one will ever forget Tuffy. He was such a brave, strong, little kitty....
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Sorry to read that.
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I am so very sorry for the loss of dear Tuffy. What a trooper he was! It does not seem fair that you tried so hard, and he fought so valiantly, and yet he is gone.

Bless you for loving Tuffy. May your heart somehow find peace in this difficult loss. Rest in peace, Tuffy.
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Thanks everyone, reading all this hurts but it also is helping me. I still look in the chair next to our bed when I wake up in the morning to see if Tuffy is sleeping there like he would have been most mornings, just habit I guess.

One of the girls at the vets office who knew Tuffy real well from all his visits there was saying she has a kitten named Timmy who lost his mom and she is taking care of till he can find a new home, anyway she said he has almost the same personality Tuffy had, She said he also has that something special about him and was wondering if I would be interested in giving him a good home. A big part of me says to go and at least see if he would like me and get him if he does like me allot, but then I don't want to rush out and get a kitten expecting him to replace Tuffy and not see Timmy as Timmy.

I also don't know if I am ready to go from taking so much time taking care of a sick little best friend to all the time it takes to take care of a new kitten and have to worry about bringing him into a strange new place and wondering how he will do with all the other cats and watching him so he don't get into trouble or getting hurt and all the other stuff that comes with a new kitten. She told me about Timmy because she knew I would take real good care of him after seeing everything I did for my Tuffy which also helped me to feel a little better about myself and to know I did all I could have done for Tuffy.

So I am stuck between wanting to help a poor little kitten who lost his mom to just wanting time off from all the stress and worry I went through with Tuffy. What if any advise do any of you here have for me about all this? I told Yvonne about Timmy and what the girl said about him and how she knew he would have a good home with us and all that. I though Yvonne would say no way after all we just went through with Tuffy but she asked if I really want to get Timmy and I had to say I just don't know right now. Maybe getting Timmy would be just what I need to bring some joy back into my life that is gone now with Tuffy's passing.

I am very sorry if this is not the correct forum or to soon to ask all this, and this tread is for my poor little Tuffy. I am just really torn between just remembering all the good times I had when Tuffy was feeling good and waiting before thinking about another kitty to wanting to help a little kitty who needs a good home real soon. Like I said before we have 4 other cats but none of them are anywhere near as meaning as much to me as Tuffy did, I don't want to sound like I don't like them or wouldn't do for any of them what I did for Tuffy if any of them got sick because I would. Its just that they all have been house cats since they were tiny little kittens and never had to deal with all that Tuffy had to on his own for who knows how long before he found me, its terrible that Tuffy had to go through all that, but I wonder if all he went through had allot to do with making Tuffy the special little boy he was? Its almost like he was greatfull to me for taking him in and helping him to get better and show him all the love I could when no one else did, and all or other cats have no idea how tough it is on there own out in the world.

I will stop rambling on for now, maybe in a couple days I can make up my mind on what to do about getting Timmy or not. Any advise will be a big help with all this if anyone else had to deal with getting another kitty or not so soon after loosing there best little friend. I still break down and cry when telling people about loosing Tuffy so it will be along time before I can talk about Tuffy and not get all choked up. Crying is probably a good thing compaired to holding in all those feelings and trying to stuff them away. I was brought up being told that real men don't cry and all that macho stuff but there is only so much room in there for stuffing things away and not dealing with them, so now if I need to cry I cry and don't feel quilty for doing it afterwards.
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This could be fate Tom - Tuffy certainly has had a hand in it, as it was due to your love, care and dedication that the vet nurse thought of you. Only you can make the decision though - I took a cat on too soon after Snowy (I thought it was fate and went ahead) and it did take me ages to bond with her, and it was only when we went through some serious health issues that I realised how much I did love her. I know what you mean about him being so special - there are 6 cats in my house at the mo, I love them all, but one is such a character, and she is my second favourite, even over cats that have been here longer - she makes people love her though. If he isn't in any danger though, maybe give yourself a bit of time to think about it.
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I have also been following Tuffy's story. I'm very sorry for your loss. He was such a beautiful kitty.
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Tom I have had you in my Thoughts and Prayers everyday, It's so hard to think about another Kitty so soon, because we all know he can never take the place of Sweet Tuffy, But you will know when it's right and if it's right in your Heart, not only is Tuffy and Angel so will the next one you get hopeing that it will fill a void, as I'm sure it will in some ways.
You surely have a lot of Love to give to another baby I feel that because you took such wonderful care of Tuffy. It takes time to get over loosing one that meant so much, I lost one 11 years ago 3 months after my 1st Hubby died and I still miss him with all my Heart but it didn't keep me for long from addind to my kittie family, it doesn't mean your replacing Tuffy.
Tuffy will alway's be a part of your Memory and Heart, you'll know when you see a certin kitty I know you will. I hope the pain is easing a little for you.
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I got a nice card in the mail from the vet clinic Tuffy used to go to. Almost everyone who works there that got to know Tuffy had something nice to say about him and signed the card. That was nice of them to do that for me.
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My vets office sends a condolence card, too. It really means so much!

I think you have plenty of time to think about adding another kitty. If you decide to go look at Timmy, and he steals your heart, that is good. Otherwise, if you wait, I'm sure another kitty will find you in time.

If you decide not to get Timmy, I suggest that when you feel it is time to add another kitty to your family, that you call a local rescue. I know my rescue has lots of "left-over" kitties who would be wonderful pets, but just never get matched up with the right person. Maybe you could let them know that you are seeking a tough but loveable tomcat, who might look unappealing to another person. Maybe they will have just the kitty to fit the bill, who has been overlooked in a foster home as all the cute kittens are chosen first.

Of course you will never find another Tuffy, because he was just so very special. But you will find another kitty to love, in due time.
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The girl with Timmy helps out at a rescue place, that is how she got to know Timmy. He is just like what you said above, not one of the "cute" kittens He is mostly white with some black areas thrown in here and there. She brought him up because we were talking about Tuffy and how we have 4 other cats but none of them are even close to what Tuffy was to me. She worked with Tuffy in the vets office allot and she said the bigger Timmy gets and the more time she spends with him he reminds her of Tuffy in many ways.

I think I am going to wait before I try and find another kitty. Or oldest cat Missy is already spending more and more time with me now that Tuffy is gone. She is getting pretty old and who knows how much longer she will be with us. She is going on 19 years old and still doing great for her age, but I am learning that cats can go pretty fast when its time. So I will just let Missy be my buddy if thats what she wants. She also has that toughness about her like Tuffy did, and when she was younger she would go outside exploring so she knows what its like out there in the big world, but she always had a nice home to come to which Tuffy didn't have till I got him.
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Condolences on your loss of Tuffy. Now he is whole again, cavorting among the stars and the angels with all our other TCS cats over RB. Godspeed, Tuffy.
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I think it is wise to give yourself a little time before taking another cat. My soulmate cat, Max, died suddenly last summer from kidney failure. I almost got another cat, but then decided to give it some time. I prayed and told the Lord, I was not going out to look for a cat. I told him if a female showed up on my doorstep that I couldn't get rid of, I would know that was the right cat. Well, I had forgotten all about another cat. Then a month ago, there she was, a beautiful calico female. I thought she was really young because she is so small. My vet says she is 2 to 3 years old. She has already been spayed. I am trying to get her used to my other cats by putting her in the yard with them a little bit each morning and standing guard with a broom.
I wish you peace in your heart. Your Tuffy was certainly a most beautiful cat. Hugs.
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I am so sorry to hear about Tuffy He was a fighter and you did all you could for him.
He was such a beautiful kitty.
RIP sweet Tuffy
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I have said it before and I will say it again, this site is the best, I learned so much from it and everyone is great. All the kind words and thoughts for Tuffy makes me feel better about loosing him so soon. I probably would have never found this site if not for Tuffy and the problems he had most of the time I had him. Out of the little over a year I had him I think there was only about 3 months that he was not fighting some type of problem. I miss the little guy so much. Maybe some day I will be with him again.

Here is the last picture I took of Tuffy before he died. It was taken just 4 days before he passed on. The big cat is Panther, he always tried to help take care of Tuffy when he was sick. Tuffy was shaved for a ultra sound a few days before I took this picture, thats why he looks so strange.

I also want to say sorry that I don't respond to others in this forum, its just to hard for me to read of others loosing there special kittys on top of just loosing Tuffy.
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Awwww isn't that a precious picture of the two of them

It is hard coming into the bridge Tom but hopefully more will come to lend support to others because it really does help them
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Maybe it is fate Tom. Nobody will ever replace Tuffy but maybe Timmy will help you be able to move forward? Kittens can be hard work but they also bring so much joy and happiness.
Whatever you decide will be for the best. Keep us updated.
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I am going to see Timmy next week to see if he will like me or not. There is no huge hurry for her to find a home for Timmy and she said no one else has been interested in him. He has been tested for lukeimia [sp?] and has had all the basic shots. He is about 12 weeks old so he is big enough to fend for himself with our cats if he has too. She also said if I bring him home and there are any problems with him getting along with the other cats or any other problem I can take him back to her. She would love to keep him for herself but she has all the cats she can have in the city here. So maybe it was meant to be that I end up with Timmy because of all I did for Tuffy. I guess I will have to decide that when I meet Timmy and see how it goes.
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I've been away for a bit and just logged on - Tom my heart goes out to you and your family. Tuffy seemed like such a sweetie and I'm sure glad he got to spend his days with you and yours.

Good luck - you're still in our thoughts and prayers.....
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My aunt has always been a believer in kitty karma, and I now believe the same. You do good by a kitty, and a wonderful kitty who needs you somehow makes its may into your life.

Maybe Timmy is the one?

Just don't be afraid to say no if you don't click with him, or it feels too soon when you meet him. You don't have to take him.
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Here is 2 pictures of my pulling garden tractor I named after Tuffy. His name is on the side of the front weight frame in red. The tractor is going to be totaly rebuilt and modified this winter and with all new paint and Tuffy's name will be on it along with his picture I hope. I took second place today [Monday] with it so I think I did Tuffy's name proud.

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Well Congratualtions, at least you had a good day Hope you doing better. Your still in my Thoughts and Prayers
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I have not got a chance to go see Timmy yet this week. Part of me wants to get him if he likes me and part of me still wants to wait a long time before getting another kitty. Maybe when I see him I can tell if its right to get him or not.
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Originally Posted by Tom W View Post
I have not got a chance to go see Timmy yet this week. Part of me wants to get him if he likes me and part of me still wants to wait a long time before getting another kitty. Maybe when I see him I can tell if its right to get him or not.
It is very difficult with just having lost Tuffy. I think you need to have faith in yourself to make the right decision. If you're not ready, then wait.
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I am missing Tuffy so much tonight.
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I have a big picture of Tuffy as a background on my computer, Well last night Angel was sitting and looking at my computer screen with Tuffy's picture on it and she would take her paw and try to touch Tuffy's picture, It was so sad for me to see her do that. She never really liked Tuffy but she must miss him also.

I was sad and missing Tuffy last night, then Angel did what she did with Tuffy's picture and I just lost it. Thats why I posted what I said above.

Sorry for going on and on about Tuffy.
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