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I'm so sorry for your loss. Tuffy will be missed by all. Rest in Peace little one
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Such an adorable kitty,so sorry for your loss.
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Thanks everyone, I am still having problems accepting he is gone. Some days I am sad and some days I am angry about the whole thing. It just don't seem fare that he was so sick at first and Tuffy and I fought so hard to get him well again just to have him get so sick again and not make it.

He was pretty much my life for about a year, I always had to be around to make sure he got his meds, and some times when we went camping he had to come along so he got his meds, good thing he liked to go with us so much, I think some of his happiest days were when he was camping with us.
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I am sorry that you are still having problems acceptin he is gone Tom, I wish there was something I Could say to help, but I haven't had those kind of probs when losing cats, so I really can't. I hope that soon you can just think of the happy times, and not have to be angry or upset at what you both had to go through.
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Tom have you thought of seeing a counsellor?. You did everything you could for Tuffy, infact what you did speaks volumes, but maybe it would help you come to terms with losing Tuffy by speaking to someone

I can only imagine what your going through, and i dread the day that i lose one of mine
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Thanks for caring about me so much, I have had many hours of counseling for many other bad things that have happened in my life so I know what I have to do to deal with this stuff, but it is so hard sometimes.

I am slowly getting better when it comes to Tuffy. I had the feelings come back some when following along with the story of the poor kitty that they thought was a spider bite at first and found out it was something else that they couldn't do anything about and he didn't make it also. That story in allot of ways was just like what Tuffy went through near the end of his life.

I am starting to think of the fun times I had with Tuffy more, Cozmo will do something funny and I will think that Tuffy used to do the same thing. As Cozmo gets a little older his meow is sounding allot like Tuffy's did, and he "talks" to me almost the same way as Tuffy did when he was glad to see me or upset with me about something.

Cozmo was sleeping all tangled up with Panther the other night just like Tuffy used to. I tried to get a picture but Cozmo is such a light sleeper that he woke when he heard me getting the camera out and he got up to see what I was up to. It was to bad I didn't get the picture, it would have been one of those "cute alert" pictures.
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It is always hard when we love them the way we do. I lost Petunia 5 years ago and there are times I just miss her (like when I put my socks on - no matter where in the house she was, she knew when I was doing that and came for snuggles). But I remind myself that I'm a better person because of her and she is with me always.
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Hello, We were camping from Friday till Sunday, Friday night I got thinking about how it is not the same without Tuffy along with us and at that moment I got up and fixed the blanket on the couch and one of Tuffy's old toys fell out almost like Tuffy made it fall out at that moment, I picked up the toy and almost cried.
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Awww Tom I'd take that as a sign that Tuffy was telling you that he was there with you
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Awww Tom I'd take that as a sign that Tuffy was telling you that he was there with you
He hasn't left you - he is just hanging around in a different way.
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Tuffy is around ... That was a lovely touching way of him showing you that.

I really believe in this kind of thing as I've had 'signs' too.
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What is so strange about the toy falling out is I had the blanket off the couch last fall because I have to get under the couch to drain the water out of the fresh water tank to winterize the motor home, so I also had to take part of the front off the couch and the toy never fell out of where ever it was. Then like I said at the same time I was thinking of Tuffy Friday night I get up to straighten the blanket we use to cover the couch and his toy falls out. It just seemed so weird to me at the time, and my depression has been worse ever since this happened. It changed my mood for the whole camping trip.
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Tom i think Tuffy sent that sign to try and lift your spirits, not to make you depressed You should speak to Tuffy when your doing things that makes you think of him
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Hello, I talk to Tuffy all the time when I am thinking of him, I mostly say I am sorry I couldn't do more to help him and how much I still miss him. I was pretty much getting over being sad when I think of Tuffy, but that toy falling on the floor deal just got to me. I put his toy on one of the shelves when I keep my clothes in the motor home, I couldn't give it to the other cats to play with. I also have the last little white mouse toy the vets office gave him just a few days before he died hid away so the other cats can't get it and loose it. Maybe I am crazy to keep his toys stored away but it just felt right to keep them.

I know there isn't much that could be done for FIP, but I wonder sometimes if something we did or didn't do with Tuffy that helped to bring on FIP.

The hardest part is he fought so hard to come back from being so sick when I first got him to end up loosing him anyway in the end. I guess god had a plan for Tuffy and me, I learned so much about taking care of a sick kitty, and in the end I feel I am a better person because of taking care of Tuffy. If not for Tuffy I probably wouldn't have found this great Cat sight, and I would not now have a pulling tractor with his name and cool decals of him on the sides of it.

The other day Yvonne said to someone that we would never sell our motor home, Now I could never sell it because I feel Tuffy is still living in it with us when we go camping.
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Those are Tuffys toys that have Tuffy's smell and fur on them so it's only natural that you don't want the others to play with them. I think (God forbid) should anything happen to Rosie, i know every toy that only she had before Sophie came along and i would putting those away as well

Tom, you and Yvonne did everything you could for Tuffy, and i'm sure if there was more to do you would have done it. Just keep thinking of your little boy jumping after the butterflies over at the bridge, because you will see him again one day
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Aw, poor beautiful Tuffy! I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest peacefully, sweetie, and play happily over the bridge!
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It is only natural to keep certain things Tom, I didn't want any of my other cats to use Ginger's bed, i couldn't have faced seeing anyone in it, so I gave it to one of our fosterers - it was quite new, so I didn't want to throw it. And strangely enough, i have a different bed in the same place, and I can cope with that. Sadly, FIP is one of those illnesses where there is nothing we could have done differently, it could have been connected with his original illness, as it is linked to their immune system, but the most important thing is that he had someone who loved him so much, and did so much for him, if you hadn't found him, he would have gone sooner, unloved and in pain, so however hard it is, you gave him a wonderful gift. RIP little one, and big hugs to you.
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Allot of the time Tuffy would sleep at night in a old rocking chair next to my side of the bed. Then shortly after Tufffy died Missy started to sleep in Tuffy's chair so some times in the night I would wake up to roll over or something and see Missy there and I would think it was Tuffy because I was half asleep, so I would be glad to see Tuffy in his old spot till I came too enough to realise it was Missy and Tuffy would never sleep there again.

Cozmo now sleeps in that chair allot also, I am glad that Cozmo sleeps next to me like Tuffy used to. Cozmo is like Tuffy in that they both loved to curl up on a soft pillow and sleep, so I have to make sure nothing gets put on the old rocking chair and there is a pillow on it, for Cozmo to sleep there but more for the memory of Tuffy sleeping there.
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Hi, Well it was one year ago this morning that Tuffy crossed the bridge. It still hurts almost as much today as it did a year ago.
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So sorry Tom, I can't believe it has been a whole year. You gave him so much though, and he will be looking down on you, grateful for the love and care you gave him. xx
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Hi, I know its hard to believe its been a year already. I had to double check the date to make sure I was correct before posting. Then I remembered the date is in my signature under my posts so I looked at that also to be sure.
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Another Christmas without Tuffy.
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Its hard on the holidays without them!! Im so sorry about your Tuffy!
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How did you make it through Christmas without Tuffy???
Mine was hard without Glitch!

Hope to talk to you soon!

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Christmas went OK, I have clinical depression so the holidays are always hard for me. Christmas time has always been hard for me since I was a kid.

I can go for a while without thinking of Tuffy or I remember the fun times with him but at times I still miss him and get sad. Probably will always be like this.
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Just wanted to send you some
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Getting close to 2 years now since Tuffy left me. August will be a good and a bad month for me. On August 5th I will have been sober for 20 years this year, but on the 24th Tuffy crossed over 2 years ago. I still can't read all these posts without getting all choked up and start to cry.

We have a big camping weekend coming up, thats when I miss him the most, He liked to go camping in the motor home so much and I sometimes would sit with him and watch the sunrise out the window. He did that every morning, in the motor home or at home.

I wish I knew what he was thinking as he would sit in the window and stare outside for hours. It was like he was looking for someone to come and find him or he was missing someone. I hope he was happy being with me the little while I had him.

I am so sorry Tuffy, I did all I could to help you. I just wish you could have been here a while longer and not have to take the horrible meds all the time. I wish you could have been just a normal heathy kitty at least for a while.

I have tried to fill the hole left inside me when you died with other kittys and I love all of them but they are not my Tuffy.
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Tom i can't believe it's coming up to Tuffy's 2 year anniversary?!. Just remember, where ever you go Tuffy will be there with you
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