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They are lovely.
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They're awesome Gizmocat - nice work

Can't wait to see how they look on the tractor!
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Yes, it was designed to work with the older tractor I saw in the pics, so here's hoping the new one has a complementary color scheme.
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Rowland & Macavity AKA the 'BOYZ'
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I am so sorry for you loss I know this is a hard to go threw.

sending you lots of hugs
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Hi, Its been about 3 months now since I lost Tuffy. Its getting some what easier for me, and I am starting to think of all the good times I had with Tuffy the short time he was with us, but I still have days when I get sad and miss him and wonder why my little friend had to die so soon.

As far as TUFFY the tractor, I now have the new alcohol burning engine all done for it. I ended up spending way more money on it than I originally planned, but it has all the good parts in it and hopefully it will run real strong and not have any problems. I hope to get going on the tractor part real soon so I can get it all done by early spring and have it all painted nice with the decals on it.
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During this time of giving thanks, it is good to see how thankful you are for Tuffy's time in your life. The sad days do come and go - it's been 14 years since my nephew was murdered, and each holiday season seems to refresh those sad feelings, esp. when I see his classmates' children growing older. But I know that my nephew, and my brother, are up there across the Bridge with some very special horses to ride, and some awesome cats to hang out with, and some very special dogs guarding the gates of Heaven.
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I am glad that things are getting easier Tom, I think you will always have days where you feel sad that your Tom together wasn't as long, but hopefully that will be outweighed by the good times.
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Tom, do post a picture of the tractor when you have it all Tuffy'd up!
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Bless your heart. How goes it in Wisconsin? A little frosty, eh?

You are doing great and did the right thing. Nothing worse than to watch a defenseless (yeah right, they call them claws) animal suffer. I have had to make that decision several times, and while not easy and full of doubtful thoughts, it was the loving thing to do. That is what matters. Is it loving??????
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Hi, Its been pretty warm for Wisconsin the last few days. Below is a picture of TUFFY'S new heart. {engine} Stock it made 16hp now it should make 40 to 45 hp and will run on straight Ethanol. {alcohol} It cost me about $1000 for new parts and machine work to put it together.

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That is a real work of art. It's a pity the engine can't be visible when the tractor is finished.
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whiz bang.....that is a nice engine.
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Tom, I am so sorry about your Tuffy, I know , it is 3 weeks today I lost my poor 16 year old Snow, I too, am still heartbroken, she had such difficulty breathing her last few months, every day I would pray would be a better day for her, but she just declined so. RIP poor beautiful Tuffy, and bless you Tom and your family, it is hard to loose our kitties. Karen, Snows Mom
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Thanks for the kind words everyone. I still don't understand why after all Tuffy went through and all we did to try and help him he had to be taken away from me so soon, and he was still young. It just don't seem fair sometimes.
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Hi, I had the new engine for TUFFY running a few minutes the other day. I think there is a problem in the ignition but the motor itself sounds real nice. I have a new ignition coil ordered for it and got new points and condenser for it so I hope that fixes the problem.

Also everyone I have shown the Tuffy decals to likes them, and think its a good name for the tractor.
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i'm sorry for your loss

he's very pretty
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Thank you mooncatz, Its to bad such a special kitty had to die so young and with such a bad disease. For some reason Tuffy never took a bad picture, I have pictures of all our cats, but most of the time the others don't take good pictures, at least I don't think so. Even the last pictures of Tuffy I took shortly before he passed on with most of his belly and side fur shaved off from the ultra sounds he still looks good to me, you would never know he was so sick in them. Its like that something special he had even comes through in his pictures.

At times I think about getting another cat, but I am afraid I will try to replace Tuffy with another cat and not see a different cat as he really is. I hope I worded that so it makes sense.

Edit,,, I just went back and read every post in this topic about Tuffy, I just skimmed over allot of them when they were first posted because it was so hard for me to sit and read all of them at the time. It still makes me cry, but it is easier than before. I asked about Timmy the other day and she still has him, so maybe he is waiting for me to come and see him, if I wait to much longer he won't be a kitten anymore and I will miss him growing up. I have to make myself go and at least see him, a little while ago we had some kittens here waiting for new homes, They made me laugh on days I felt sad, and they are so cute when they are small. So having those kittens here also made me think about Timmy again, Timmy's owner says he is a great little guy and loves people, Maybe like I said, no one is wanting him so he can be with me when I am ready.
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I just talked to the girl with Timmy, He went to a new home just a couple days ago, so I waited to long. She did say she now has 4 other kittens about 4 months old I can come and see, so I am going to see them tomorrow afternoon and see if any of them stand out to me. She says there is one that I will like allot, I will have to see I guess.

She told me poor little Timmy had to go through getting declawed yesterday from his new owners. I will never put a cat though that again after watching what Panther went through, I never realized how hard it is on them to be declawed till we had Panther done, if I had known I never would have let it be done to Panther. He was sick for a few days after, and he got so depressed for the longest time, and we had to give him pain pills, and he would stand with his bandaged front feet in the dogs water dish to try and make them feel better. I felt so bad for doing that to him, It was the wife who wanted it done, she wanted to do Rusty and Angel also I said NO WAY am I doing that to any more of our cats.
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Tom, I've read your other messages and just want to say: if you want a cat with a set personality, get an adult. Adult cats are great, they don't need high maintenance, and you are saving someone from death row since the poor adults do not adopted as readily as a kitten.

The cat will choose you. Adult cats can show you 'what you see is what you get'.

But if you do find a kitten with the right personality, chances are you and he can stay friends even if he matures a bit.

Good luck.
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I have talked about this in another tread, but I have a new kitty cat, his name is Cozmo, he is a little over 4 months old. One of the girls at the vets office I go to saved 4 kittens from a shelter that was going to end all there lives because no one would adopt them. I went to her house and I sat in a room with her and the kittens for about 1 1/2 hours and talked and waited to see what the kittens did. After everything settled down it was Cozmo that jumped on my lap and purred away as he wanted me to pet him. So he came home with me.

I am so glad I picked him, He is my new little buddy, just like Tuffy was, he also has allot of Tuffy's personality, and temperament. He follows me all over the house and "talks" to me if I don't pick him up and carry him around with me, just like Tuffy used to do. He is also just as stubborn as Tuffy could be at times.

He is also learning what he can and can't do around here. He always wanted to follow me out the door when I went outside, but he is learning that he can't go outside, and if he tries to sneak out I look down at him and say "NO" in a firm voice and he backs off.

He seems like a smart little guy and I didn't have any problems at all when he first got here, he just went all over the house checking things out and couldn't care less that there were 4 other cats and a big dog trying to check him out, he gets along with all the other cats just fine. I think when he gets bigger he is going to be the "boss" cat.
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Well Tom that's great, I hope Cozmo can some what fill a void for you, he will never take Tuffy's place but I'm sure he will Love you just the same, the animals Love is really more true then some people I think, they never judge us either. I wish you both and all your other babies much Happiness
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Aw - I'm so glad Cozmo joined you - I think you'll find, like I did, that your new little guy is going to have a lot in common with his predecessor. Sort of like it was meant to be. :o)
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I just knew that Tuffy would send someone to look after you.
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Sorry for getting way off the topic here. Cozmo can never be a Tuffy anymore than Tuffy can be a Cozmo.

Bottom line is I miss Tuffy and always will.

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Originally Posted by katachtig View Post
I just knew that Tuffy would send someone to look after you.

This is so right, so very, very right (she always nails it anyway!)

Sammy joined us May 20, only 9 days after Sasha left after 14 wonderful years. I was heartbroken and numb after Sasha. I had him since he was 4 days old, and his mama. It was very, very hard as the cancer moved so fast I barely had time to really prepare...and you never are anyway.

But Sammy is 8...and seems to have picked up where Sasha left off. Little Saba liked him instantly and he is very good to her. He watches over her and licks her and gently scolds her, just like Sasha did...uncanny.

I know Sasha "sent" him to us, just like Cozmo was sent to you, Tom, by Tuffy.
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Hi Tom

I am new here so I didn't know anything about your Tuffy, but I can tell that you loved him and you were good to him.

I can also see that there are a lot of people here who care about you.

I am glad that you have another cat to help you through your sadness.

We had to put our dog Sambo to sleep in March of this year, I felt the same way that you felt. We did have another dog at the time, and Opie has been a real joy for me at times.
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I am glad that you have a new friend Tom, I always find it helps to get over a loss, and it is nice that he is similar to Tuffy. No one will ever replace him, but it is nice to have a new focus, and he will help you in his own little way.
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I am finding that Cozmo has allot of Tuffy's personality and he has attached himself to me as strong or even stronger than Tuffy did.

Anywhere I go in the house he is with me, he can be sound asleep and if I go to another room he gets up and has to be with me. He talks to me and is at my feet in the way till I pick him up and carry him.

He even talks to me the same way Tuffy used to, he sounds the same as Tuffy did when he was happy with me our mad at me.

I still miss Tuffy, but I am so glad I went and got Cozmo, he is kinda like having Tuffy here yet in many ways.
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Aww, I am glad for you that Cozmo is so much like Tuffy, and that things have worked out well with you adopting him.
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