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Poorly Cat!!

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I wonder if anyone can advise me on somethings!

Firstly my siamese x kitten is nearly 9 months old (my pride and joy!!) and a truly wonderful cat.

Problem 1 is i have noticed his back claws on both feet have snapped clean of you can just see stubs and he wont let me touch his fet although he is walking on them okish, not running but still walking. Not sure what has happened but prob something to do wiv prob no 2!! He has also not eaten anyhting today, although I have tried tempting him all day.

Problem no 2 is he constantly gets attacted by neighbours fluffly cat, I mean every day he just attacks him and all the other cats in area but seems to have it in for humphrey! This am there was a big fight and I could not find him for ages but then he came in and went straight to sleep where he has been most of the day. We have magnetic cat flap but this sod of a cat still manages to get in and attack him all of the time. Spoke to neighbour and even they said he is viscious but he has been "done".

Im so worried, going to vet in an hour and bit but just wondered if anyone can advise me in the meantime.

Thanks so much
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I'm sorry your kitty isn't feeling well. Do his claws look like a clean cut or are they sort of ground down? I ask this because several years ago something happend to one of my cats and I felt like he had been hit by a car. I rushed him to the vet and the first thing she did was look at his claws. She said typically when they have been hit their claws will be ground down. His were but thankfully he did okay. Another possibility is that he may have gotten injured in the cat fight...maybe bitten. This can make them sick pretty fast. I would suggest taking him to the vet asap. If he has been bitten it could abcess and make him even sicker.
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Thanks for replying!!

I took him to vet and they said something defintely has happened as his claws were all snapped but they were unsure what. They also took his temp and he had a really high temp so he had a shot of antiobiotic and a shot of something to get temp down.

He seems much brighter now and is starting to show his normal ways again, Phew!

Thanks again
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