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Tragic Accident

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I can barely see the keyboard to type this but I wanted to warn others on what can be a preventable tragedy. This morning, I found my Chaz, my heart cat, dead. She must have been jumping up to or down from the window and became tangled in the cord hanging down from the blinds. She was not wearing a collar, the cord was wrapped around her neck and she was hung.
We have the safety parts to wrap up the cords but had not put them up yet. We planned on getting it done before the baby came - never did it cross my mind it could be a danger to my animals.
I only pray that it was quick and she wan't too scared.

Chaz I am so sorry. Your litte life was too short. I love you very much and hope that if anything positive can come out of this, it is that maybe someone else can prevent this from happenening.

RIP my sweet kittenhead
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I am soooooo Sorry that happened. That is so sad. It makes me want to cry. I know it is really hard to lose a beloved pet.
I know it is so hard.
Mu thought are with you.
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Oh my goodness!!!, how horrific!

I'm so sorry for your terrible loss.
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Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry to hear this! RIP sweet Chaz, may you have lots of fun with all the other TCS kitties over Rainbow Bridge!

I'm SO sorry that you've had to experience this, but I do thank you very much for posting this as a warning - I'm going to make sure all my window blind strings are tied up and well out of reach as soon as I get home tonight!!!

Hugs to you!!!
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Oh I am so so sorry for your tragic loss, and through all this you put a warning for other kitties mothers. That is so thoughtful of you. Please know we are all here for you. God Bless
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I am profoundly sorry for your tragic loss, and for the nature of it.

Thank you so much for taking the time, in your grief, to warn others of this danger - I will be removing this danger from my home today. You, in your loss, have saved lives.

Rest in peace Chaz, play happily at Rainbow Bridge. I blow you kisses from our side in gratitude and sorrow.
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I am deeply sorry for your loss. What a terrible terrible tragedy.
Rest in peace sweet Chaz
I usually hook the cords up for my blinds and I'm not sure which is more dangerous, leaving them hanging lose or tying them up as there is still a loop that hangs down.
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I'm very very sorry for your loss There is nothing more tragic than being blindsided by an accident. Please don't blame yourself because this was not your fault- it was truly an accident. When the time comes and you two are reunited Chaz will tell you this himself in his own special way.

I am extremely grateful that you took the time to let others know about this- I myself have never worried about our cords and they are excessively long and Maui plays with them allll the time. I will be taking care of this as soon as I get home.

I'm very sorry you had to experience this and please know that I am thinking of you during this sad time!
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I am so sorry for your loss. With deepest respect for Chaz, and sympathy for his family who is grieving, I will move this to Crossing the Bridge.

RIP Chaz
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I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing this important message with others. RIP sweet Chaz.
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Condolences on your tragic loss - what a horrible shock for you. I salute you for finding the strength to write the warning words, when I am sure that your heart must feel like it's shattering, over and over....Godspeed over Rainbow Bridge, Chaz - enjoy your happy reward and know that your loss is mourned all over the world thru TCS....
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Oh goodness that's so sad I always tie mine up safely, but thank you for warning us even though your hurting so bad

Play happily over the bridge Chaz until you see your mum again. She loved you so much

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oh sweet darling may you rest in peace
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Oh my! Poor Chaz & poor you.... Play happily over the rainbow bridge, Chaz.
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My heart goes out to you at this painful time

Rest in Peace sweet Chaz
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omg I am so sorry.
The tears are literally running down my cheeks

I am so sorry

R.I.P Chaz, play happily over the bridge little one
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So sorry to hear about your little cat.
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What a tragic loss! I am so sorry for your pain! My ds almost lost a friend to miniblind cords a few years ago. If anyone has blinds, please check that the cords are cut as short as possible, and do not form a loop!

Rest in peace, dear kitty. Your tragic loss will be a learning experience to many. I had never thought of a pet dying in such a way. I will recheck all the blinds in my home.
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Oh My gosh!!

Thats incredibly bad!! I know what it must feel like to lose a loved kitty to something like that!

I'm so upset for you!! I'm so sorry!! That must be something you'll neer forget!
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Oh, I'm so sorry! Luckily we don't have blinds, but I have friends who do. Your little baby is playing over the Bridge. I will warn all my friends. My prayers are with you.
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OMgosh!!! I am so sorry to hear about your precious baby.How terrible it must have been to find this.
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I'm so sorry. What a tragic loss.

R.I.P Chaz, have fun over the bridge
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