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Fun at a drive thru

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1.Drive through the drive thru in reverse and let your
passenger order.

2.Ask prices of everything on the menu then order
something that you did not ask the price for.

3.Pretend like your window is broken. Tell the employee
this. Order with your door open, pay with your door
open. Roll down window and take food through the

4.Go to McDonalds and demand a big breakfast at 11:30
at night. Put up a fight.

5.Pay for a large order in pennies and nickels unwrapped.

6.Order in another language. Be careful what
neighborhood you are in.

7.When asked if they can take your order, tell them you
are just window shopping and drive on.

8.Laugh sadistically when asked if you would like

9.Ask how they fit into that little box.

10.If they make you wait, make them wait when they come
back on.

11.Demand to speak to the manager. When he comes on,
complain that you did not like the way the employee
said "May I take your order?"

12.When asked if they can take your order say "No, why
can't I take yours?"

13.If they ask you to wait, order anyway and keep doing it
till they yell at you.

14.Pretend like your car broke down. Ask for assistance in
moving it. When they come out, drive away.

15.Tell them you have to use the bathroom.

16.Order a cup of water and two napkins. That's it.

17.Don't order when they come on. Just sit there. If a line
forms behind you, get out of the car and cause a scene.

18.When they hand you your food, hand them a bag back
with all the trash from your car in it.

19.Just stare at them when you pay and get your food.
Don't break your stare.

20.Honk your horn the whole way through the line.
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My friend drove through the drive thru backwards once! I thought I was going to piss my pants I was laughing so hard! I like #18, I might have to try that.

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i need to have my dad try a few of thoses.
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