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I don't know who did it!!!!

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Last night,, one of my cats ( I have two) pee'd on our comforter, during the middle of the night.. I don't know who did it..

I don't know why either. Last night was a little eventful for us, because we had to start Chestnut on Amoxicillian becuase she too now has a URInfection. and on top of that last night, two baby kitten came too our house (strays), so we put them in the basement so the coyotes wouldn't eat them until we could take them to the humane society.

So I don't know what to do?? Could this be a one time thing,, could my husband had rolled on one and made it pee becuase they got scared,, or could this be a mad thing.. I'm confused.. and a little worried,, what if they are peeing in the rest of the house and I don't know it.... It was a little strange because one of them poopd in the litterbox and didn't even cover it,,, I thought that was a strange too....

Let me know your thoughts.. Thanks alot...
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It may just be the one who is sick trying to tell you that he? she? (sorry ) isn't feeling well- my cats would do this, too. Get an enzyme cleaner to get the smell out (I heard on my dog forum that Target sells one now- yea!) and just keep an eye out. Once the meds start working, hopefully this will go away. It could also be because they smell the kittens, and it is stressing them, on top of being sick. Either way, I hope ALL this gets better soon!
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Have you figured it out, yet? We only have one kitten but if anything at all goes wrong around the house, we know who to blame! Yesterday, the fan in the guest room quit working, we do not know how, but we know the kitten MUST be to blame. Such fun.
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Nope no clue who did it!!!

I'm hoping it was a one time occurence,, and they aren't mad at us... I didn't spend much time with them last night either because of the strays and mowing,, so maybe that was it...
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