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Sick kitties

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Well, it seems all of my five kitties have come down with URI's I noticed Loco sneezing a little and then they were all sneezing. Now they all have runny noses and eyes and are generally mopey. Thankfully, they are all still eating, drinking and pottying normally.

We have a Vet appointment first thing in the morning tomorrow, the vet told me to bring in just one kitty since they all have the same symptoms and they would see what the problem is. Kiri and Onyx are the worst ones, and since Onyx is much more agreeable to being examined I've decided to take him. Please keep my poor kitties in your thoughts
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Awww!! Poor babies!! and poor you!! 5 sick kitties is no fun... Good thoughts coming your way.... hope all your babes make a speedy recovery
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Yeah - thinking of you Melissa and your furbabies.

Hope they get jabs and drops to make tham all better.
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I hope they all get better soon.
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Sending up good thoughts for your kitties...I hope they get better soon!!!!!!
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I hope the little angels get better soon!
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I hope they get to feeling better soon and I can relate. Even though I only have 3 they all got one at once too.
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Sabra- did the Vet give you Amoxil for them? Thats what I was told over the phone toady, that they'd probably get Amoxil or Baytril. Did they get better fairly quickly? I'm so worried about my babies

Thanks for the well wishes everyone, I truly appreciate your concern :rainbow:
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More positive energy flying your way! I hope everyone is feeling better soon.
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Right! I had been given amoxicillan wich is the same as amoxil and when my patches got a urinary tract infection she was put on baytril. Both of those drugs do really well when fighting UTI's and URI's.

Good luck at the appointment tomorrow! Sending good thoughts to you and your babies.
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Good thoughts coming your way Mel!
Hope they are all feeling better soon.
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Melissa, In addition to the amoxicillan make sure they give you something to put in the kitties eyes. I recently had the same problem with my kitties, they all had colds, runny noses and eye goobers, but the medicine has cleared it up, and the eye gel works wonders!!! Their little eyes were stuck shut, and all gooey, and I kept having to take a warm washcloth to them, but the eye medicine started working even after the first dose!!
Let us know how the kitties are!
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Arghh, sorry to hear of your poor sick kittys. Mine too when they were very young got cat flu and their poor eyes stuck together terribly. they were put on antibiotics and eye ointment called Chloropt. It worked very well only after a few days. I can highly reccomend this product.
Hope there driving you up the wall real soon.

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Any news yet Melissa - what did the vet say?
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The name of the eye medicine the vet gave me is Neobacimyx. I just checked. I thought maybe it was the same thing as what Rebecca had. But it isn't. This stuff is awesome, too!! I have used it many times!! After just one dose, the kitties eyes completely cleared up, but of course I will continue using it for the recommended time, to make sure it doen't come back.
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Any word yet? I hope they will be ok! Gizmo, Scooter & Tigger all had a URI last year, and the meds they gave me worked great!
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I just saw this thread! I'm sorry your kitties are not feeling well!!! Good thoughts, and prayers coming your way from me and Spawn!
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Good news- the infection is in the very upper regions of their respiratory tracts so the antibiotics I was given should take care of it quickly

I was very concerned about having to give my psycho kitty Kiri her pill-she shreds my arms whenever I have to medicate her in any way- even to put Advantage on the back of her neck. It turns out if I wrap it in a little piece of cheese slice, she gobbles it up
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I am glad the infection isn't too severe!
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Glad to hear it isn't anything serious, and they will be feeling well again real soon!!!

The cheese idea is a good one, I will have to remember that! I hope it goes well giving them the pills, I have this mental image in my mind of that thread with the joke about "How to give a cat a pill" :laughing: Hopefully it won't be that hard!!
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