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Good morning

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Good morning everyone. How's your day going? I woke up to my dog licking my leg. Tavia has been in a playing mood all morning. And a bit vocal. She has plenty of food so not quite sure what it is that she wants. Well you all have a lovely day. Waving the good morning to you Love and Hugs Gail
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Good morning to you too!!

I'm just relaxing before I go to my interview.

The time is just dragging by!!, I want to get it over with.

Have a great Thursday everyone!!
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After yesterday (which was horrible) Today is a lovely day. I woke up to Duke sleeping on my arm and having to take a shower with my arm asleep. But it's nice outside it's a beautiful temperature. I have plenty to do and best of all tomorow is Friday!
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Good Morning Everyone!!!

I have been so busy I have not had much TCS time lately....I need to catch up with everyone! Work has been hectic with lots of people on vacation....but the work still needs to get done, so those of us here get to do the extra work. Home has been crazy too.... every weekend is something, and my weeknights are filled with chores & things I'd usually do on the weekend. So I can't win!

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Good morning everyone!
The MN State Fair started today, and since I live on the same street as it, traffic is getting really hectic really fast At least I ride the bus instead of driving. I'm not even going this year, which is fine by me, but it means that I have no reason to accept this awful traffic. We're totally cut off!
This morning was lovely, even though we woke up late. The kitty spent the ENTIRE night sleeping between our pillows :<3:! she's never done that before! Since we woke up late Cory had to hurrrry to get to work on time, but I had an extra half hour because of reduced hours this week and next week, so that was nice.
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