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Help us Help Sheena!

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Hi there...

i used to live in malaysia and am returning with my kitties in a few months...
i recently checked up on a petition that was going round to make the animal cruelty laws in malaysia stiffer.

unfortunately, they didn't get enough signatures the first time round.

here's the link... please add your name if you can as international signatures are allowed too.

They are trying to get 100'00 signatures....

Please send this link out to as many people as you can.

Sheena's Story:
Dear Readers,

Born seven years ago, Sheena was a beautiful German Shepherd who died recently. When the Selangor Veterinary Services Department rescued her, she was found tied up, sleeping in her own faeces. Sheena had to be put to sleep due to her malfunctioning organs caused by years of malnutrition.

Sheena stands for all the abused and neglected pets in Malaysia. The 21st century has sadly seen an increase in reported abuse of domestic animals in our nation. Many of these pets are returned to their owners after the case is investigated and prosecution takes place. The Animal Ordinance 1953 has a maximum of only RM$200 fine and/or 6 months imprisonment as penalty for abusing an animal. In Sheena’s case, her owner admitted guilty, and was fined only RM$100, not even a quarter of the price of a German Shepherd puppy, and definitely not even close to the price of her precious life. Sheena must be remembered so that other animals won’t face her same fate!

Sheena's Appeal will be heard on December 2nd/5th, 2005 at the Shah Alam High Court, Court Room No. 5, at 9 am.. The case against Sheena's owner, Lien Chong San, as we all know ended in Lien walking out of the court as a free man after paying only a RM$100 fine.

AGAPE Magazine is running a campaign called 'Remembering Sheena' to help garner support for its objective to amend the grossly inadequate laws to stop cruelty to animals. WE WILL BE MEETING TOGETHER AND THEN GOING IN A LARGE GROUP TO SUBMIT OUR PETITION FORMS TO SPCA just to show there is a large group of people who care for animals in this country.
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I'll move this to SOS for you and i'll sign
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I will add my signature (as soon as the site loads - it's taking a long time). Here's hoping for stiffer laws everywhere.
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Thanks guys!
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