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Third eyelid

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I took Chloe to the vet this morning for her boosters and to get him to check her eyes, because for the past two days her third eyelid has been showing.
He said it is an allergy and that he could give Cortisone drops but that it would probably clear up on its own. I think that Cortisone is a bit heavy duty for something that is relatively minor and not bothering her a bit. apparently they don't do antihistamine for cats! Now of course I am wondering if i did the right thing, I suppose if it hasn't gone in a few days I'll take her back. Just wondered if anyone else had come across this and what they did?
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I have a cat with allergies and have posted advice on how to deal with it in other locations on this forum.

In a nutshell you can:

1. Get air purifiers for the house
2. Get a HEPA vacuum and use it regularly
3. Get special anti-dust-mite laundry detergent and use it regularly
3. Use only safe, organic products for cleaning.
4. Change the cat's diet from a grain-based commercial product to a high end, 'unfamiliar' protein source. I feed my cat Rabbit meat from Nature's Logic and she is thriving. California Natural also makes a Herring and Sweet Potato food for allergic cats. Chicken, beef, and especially lamb can create strong reactions in affected felines.

My cat's wheezing and gagging have become a thing of the past. The best news is that these precautions are good for you, too.
Do not give the cat antihistamines. I gave my girl a small dose and she was a drooling zombie for the restof the day, which really scared me.

Good luck
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My girl Antigone's third eyelid shows all the time, I just figured it was a little abnormality, makes her look cross-eyed sometimes but it doesn't seem to bother her a bit
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Originally Posted by Anakat View Post
apparently they don't do antihistamine for cats!
Actually they do. I wonder though if maybe a kitten is to little for them? I know we had Autumn on antihistimines previously.
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