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Which fleabombing brand?

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Kitty has fleas - I don't really know how this has occured since he is an only child, an indoor cat and we live on the 10th floor. I read a few threads below re: Fleabombing the house.

I will need to do this as well. Can anyone recommend a brand? Should I take kitty to get bathed or are at home treatments equally effective.
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I would first get some advantage or frontline from your vet. Please dont ever use over the counter medications, they are very dangerous. If you would like to treat the apt., do a search on the internet for Knockout area treatment. I havnt had a bomb that works yet. Its a very effective product and in conjunction with a topical like advantage the fleas should be gone in no time
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If your cat has fleas, but you have not noticed fleas elsewhere, it is probably not necessary to fleabomb your house. Vacuuming very frequently,(including under the couch cushions and under the couch itself), disposing of the used vacuum bag as soon as you are done (fleas can live in the vacuum bag); washing all bedding- yours and the cats frequently in hot water; and of course, treating the cat with a vet approved flea treatment will usually suffice.

Do not use over the counter flea products on your cat. Some cats have died or become seriously ill from them. Get Frontline or Advantage from the vet.

If you feel your house is infested and decide to do the bombs, board the cat somewhere for the day or longer until the fumes die down. It is poison, after all. Don't forget to wash all surfaces afterwards to get the poison off (counter tops, dresser tops, light swithes, window sills where the cat will sit, etc.)

You likely carried the fleas into your apartment on your shoes or pant legs. They hitch rides on people.
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