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Anyone wait a long time for a kitten?

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I've been helping my brother look for a kitten for so long now...almost a year! It's a little frustrating. Anyone else have waited a long time to get a kitten?
I have been in contact with a few breeders, but have not been able to find any suitable kittens. He wants a black Maine Coon. A lot of breeders have black-and-white Coons (think tuxedo) but all or mostly black is less common. I did find a few last year but they were too far away, he'd rather not ship (partly because he'd like to see the mother) but is willing to travel a bit...
He did find a good breeder in TX and visited them, but they haven't had any black kittens lately. Everyone keeps saying to check back later, several I contacted have had breedings that don't "take" or a couple times there was an upcoming litter, but they ended up with no black, only black-and-white or black smoke. I tried to convince my brother to get a gorgeous blue kitten that was available, but he was set on black...
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Yes, I've waited a year or so for the right color/sex of a rex that I wanted. Solid maine coons are not that popular and there are fewer breeders.

I'm sure one will come along soon. Does it HAVE to be pedigree maine coon? Petfinder may have some solid black "maine coon lookalikes".
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We want a pedigree so we know the history and the health of the parents, what their personalities are like, how long the other cats in the family have lived, etc... My brother also wants to get a young kitten (like 12 weeks) so she can be raised properly... Plus he really wants a BIG kitty and with a mixed breed kitten you never know if they'll end up tiny or large...
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Keep in mind that most breeders will not let kittens go till they are 12-16 weeks old, so he won't get a younger one. Good luck in finding the right kitty.

You also might want to check out local cat shows and get breeders info or upcoming kittens. CFA, ACFA, and TICA have websites that will list upcoming show schedules.
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I waited almost a year for my Siamese kitten Reilly. It was well worth the wait for him.
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We had been thinking about adding another cat to the household since summer '05, but didn't get serious about it until November '05 (I had requested one as a Christmas present, ha!). We talked to an enormous number of breeders (Probably close to 30) and visited a few of them before we settled on one we loved. At one point we felt like we'd never find the perfect type of bengal we were looking for! Of course, we did, and Spike & Leo were well worth the wait! Don't get discouraged
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YES!!! Our family has been waiting for over 2 years to add a Calico girl to our fur family.(we now have 3 fur kids)
I want a mostly white one and they are VERY hard to find.
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I didnt want another kitten unless it was the same breed like you want, a mainecoon. Mikey is a mix mainecoon and I was going for a kitten that was similar to him in color. I know its a wonderful thing to open our home to adult cats but i fear of aggression and Mikey is so lovable I didnt want to get a mean cat who bullied him. I even thought about breeding Mikey.

then along came Peanut (stewie) who was an orphan. I wasnt intending on keeping him but he grew on me and on Mikey. Mikey finds him to be the best little buddie ever and I wouldnt wanna split the two up.

Maybe someday I'll get my mainecoon....for now my home is happy. All i need is a german shepard and I'll be one happy camper,

Dont worry if you ever feel your being to picky or if people tell you its just a cat, the breed can be important. I didnt even intend on keeping my mikey when i went to go pick him up for my mom.. I just fell in love!
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