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Another one of my color questions...

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If a black and white mother with unknown father has 2 black and white babies, two tabby and white babies and one very pure looking siamese, is this at all possible?

Story is that we found a mother cat with 5 babies awhile back about a month ago, then 3 disappeared. We assumed the worst happened. Meanwhile the mother and two kittens were rehomed. Then just this past week 3 slightly older kittens showed up and we think it is the 3 that disappeared earlier, it looks like them but they were very small when they disappeared so we never remembered a Siamese looking kitten and we were just wondering if it is even possible for what looks like a complete Siamese (pictued below, to have siblings and a mother that look nothing like him.

Here he is

Here he is with his "brother"

Here is his "sister"

And his "mother"

So what do you all think? It is possible that he is related or did he just get mixed in with the bunch somehow. I know we will never know for sure, but as close as these three kittens are and they are exactly the same age I assume they are. But how did one get so Siamese looking? Was the father Siamese? How do the tabby and white kittens fit in?

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Well I'm not really up on cat color genetics, but I think it is possible that the father may have been a Siamese. I know of several litters where the kittens were all different colors and one looked like a Siamese. I raised a litter of orphaned kittens a long time ago where one was an orange tabby, one a brown tabby and the third looked like a lynx point Siamese... As they were abandoned orphans I have no idea what the mother looked like, but I'd guess she was some type of tabby!

Here is the kitten, she had blue points with very faint stripes (the color was actually lighter/more "blue" than it looks in this pic.) Also her brother and sister:

Here she is at about 4-5 months old:

And as an adult:

I know her points look black but it was just the lighting, they are actually a dark blue-grey...
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Yes. Remember you can have different fathers. However, the pointed gene would be recessive, so that means the black/white cat has a pointed parent or grandparent even tho they are black/white. She's carrying the gene.

Which also means that the father either IS or is also a pointed carrier to have one pointed kitten.

The tabby is dominate and more then likely at least those kittens' father was a tabby of some sort.

Technically if you have siamese and oriental cats, you CAN get pointed cats from the orientals. Because oriental are carrying the siamese pointed gene.

Ling is carrying pointed. She was born a blue tabby with points (which later became seal points). She is now black and white. BUT if she was bred to a pointed cat on purpose, I know that at least some of the kittens would be pointed. Ling of course is spayed so we will never know
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Sure the colorpoint can be one of the bunch. The colorpoint gene is recessive so all it takes is that both parents carry the gene.
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