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Silent Meows

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I know I am getting a little hard of hearing but my wife hears just fine and when Persi meows (we see his mouth making the motions) nothing seems to be coming out. I guess this would make some people happy but I am just kind of wondering what is going on here.
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Yes, this is fairly common especially with young cats. I believe many cats do learn to meow so people hear them. Cats probably do hear these silent meows.
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Yeah, Libby does 'silent' meows... and occassionally you can hear her half way through as her meow drops down to a pitch that we can hear.
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My Molly used to do that all the time
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I think that since cats have a good sense of hearing, we simply don't hear the meow. Anastasia will do it sometimes as well, especially as a greeting when I come into a room and she wakes up.
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Oliver does that, and I'll say "Oh, I'm sorry did I put you on mute?" and then point an invisible remote control at him and say "there you go! Full volume!" And nine times out of ten he'll meow in full voice after that!
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When I was a teenager we had a female cat who's meow came out as a whisper.
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My dear Kuce does this as well. She'll meow so we can 'hear' her when she feels like it.
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