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Night Time Activity

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Hi all, I'm new here and am desperate to get some ideas. I have two tabby cats 6 years old. One of them has recently startred to rake the blinds in our bedroom at about 4am every morning creating quite a noise. I don't know if he just wants attention or what. I don't know how to get him stop but we are exhausted. I am open to any and all ideas anyone might have. Thank you.
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Honestly, your best bet is to *completely* ignore him. I know this can be extremely difficult, but yes, chances are good he wants attention (especially if you know he has food, water, etc.).

I went through this with Lilly, and after many strategies, I tried what I had read on this site- to ignore her. After about a week, she figured out she wasn't going to get attention for this behavior, and she stopped. Now she leaves me alone until I get up.
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My Jasper does this all the time. He is just bored in the early morning and wants to look out the window. So we raise the blinds a bit so he can sit and watch the sun rise.
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Is your cat an indoor?

Same with my kitties, since they are outdoor indoor cat, they wake up like 4:00 in the morning and wanted to go outside. What I do, I just ignore them. We have a back room, I put them there and be there for few minutes, then I let them in again. Just completely ignore them or you can put them in other room for few minutes.
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First things first, welcome to TCS!!

My cat often does this, exept the little devil scratches at the sofa. We often end up getting up at around 3.30am to let her outside because she won't shut up!
If you ignore your cat but he/she still insists on making a racket, it might be best to put something infront of the blinds, or roll them up.
We put newspapers infront of the sofa now, and she hardly ever makes a noise.
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I'll try ignoring him (which is hard) but it also occured to me that we changed his food. Maybe he doesn't like it? I switched to Nutro because I want the boys to be healthy but I think they have other ideas. We gave them a bowl of the other stuff and he styopped raking at the blinds this morning. They are both indoor cats but they do spend a lot of time in the windows looking out at their kingdom. I truly appricvate all the advice. Thank you...
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Is he raking them as though he's trying to push the slats out of the way? He might just want to see outside. If you're comfortable leaving them up part way all night, that might help.
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