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so sad....my neighbor's cat is gone

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she is a young widow and this cat was her last tangible link to her husband and now it has disappearred. He was declawed and she let him roam free so this isn't a surprise but I still feel terrible for her. I will check in on her tomorrow, she said she was going to hibernate today.

Why do people think their cats must roam free to be happy? Abi has a wealth of interesting things to see and do inside and I rest easy knowing a car or a coyote won't get her. I am even planning a cat window box to go over one of the sash windows so she can have an extra two feet depth of protected outdoor territory. and of course she has the screened deck.
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I don't know! Both of my boys are indoor kitties (although JACOB tries to escap periodically but it's only for the game - he wants us to chase him). Kitties are so much safer indoors! I feel for your neighbour! I know that if anything happened to Jacob or Loki, I'd be inconsolable~
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I wouldn't dare let Anya be an outdoor kitty, even partially.

Especially after last night. I came home and there was a note on our mailbox that said they were going to be doing "cat trapping" for the next month. It said if they caught a cat with a tag or collar in one of their traps that it would be released immediately, but STILL. How long would your kitty be stressed out in the cage before they decided to come see if they had caught anything???

I'm glad my Anya is safe and inside.
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My husband and I just had this conversation yesterday. I just can't imagine letting my precious baby wander free to get into who knows what kind of trouble.
I've been outside painting someone's house, and I've had a furry visitor in the mornings. He comes and purrs away and of course I give him attention, espcially as he's Pushkins twin! But inevitably he rubbed his face against the freshly painted post Of course I cleaned him up immediately. It made me think though, just how easily your cat could wander off and ingest something bad, or wind up in the wrong hands. Seems there are plenty of nasty people out there waiting to do something cruel.
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Send her luck for me!!

My older cat passed away in Februuary from old age(about 16 or 17). He used to be an outdoor cat(of course he was indoor also, but he had the outdoors to go to the bathroom and stuff)

That was fine for him. He used the doggydoor..there was no way to stop him, we have a lot of dogs, and while everyone was at work all day, they needed to get out!!

He loved the outdoors. He always stayed mostly on our property, but sometimes visited the neighbors.

Now, our cat Fuzz has the same leizure. We live on a deadend where there are about zero cars, so its really a great way of life for them!!
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Good luck little kitty, please find your way home safely and soon.
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I let Tab outside quite often. But she's had a bad start in life and is probably too scared to venture past the back garden lol

good luck little kitty, hope u come back soon
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Okay if you are going to allow your cat outside then please don't declaw it. I would never declaw my cat anyway. I know a fella whose cat was declawed and because it kept trying to escape him and his mother threw it outside. These are the same people who had a siamese cat and because it was vocal took it and dropped it. Needless to say I have very little to do with this guy. But on the lost kitty note I hope the kitty makes it home. But I the chances aren't to good with a declawed kitty. Its hard enough on a kitty with claws outside.
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Oh that is sad. I ope the kitty comes back.
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