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Update on Scary

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Some of you may remember me asking for advice on our stray, Scary, a week or so ago...

Well I have been continuing to feed her every day and socializing with her but I had yet to take her to the vet since we were still deciding on whether to keep her or take her to the humane society... Chad is not crazy about keeping her so I have to approach the situation delicately!

Anyway- yesterday when I got home from work I noticed her face was very swollen on her left side!! Today I can see that she has a big gash under her eye and it had some gross green puss around it. So... I now have an appointment to take her to the vet first thing in the morning.

I took a few pictures of her face- they're not very good since she is camera shy, she's always looking down! I'm downloading them right now and I'll post them in a few minutes.
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Check out her eye!

I'd like to add these pics turned out not too shabby considering I took them holding the camera upside down while she was between my legs!
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Ok... last post in a row!

It's supposed to rain here tonight and tomorrow morning... I'm concerned that she will be out somewhere hiding since she's done that before if it's raining, so how do I make sure I can find her in the morning?

Do I bring her inside and put her in her own room even though she hasn't been tested for anything (including feline leukemia, fleas, or worms) or had any vaccinations?
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Poor sweetie! Yes, you need to keep her! She needs a meowmy to love her! Yes, that's Jacob putting in his two cents worth in the background!
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Bring her inside! Shut her in a separate room from your other babies! And take her to the vet tomorrow! This message was dictated by Jacob!
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I forgot to mention that I don't have a litter pan or anything for her if I put her inside tonight... if she would even use it!

My first concern though is that it's safe for Maui for her to be in the house in her current condition.

Any suggestions?
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I'm replying to myself again...

Anyway- she is in the house now! I think she's been inside before because she isn't really freaking out (yet)
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You can use an old plastic basin or even an aluminum roasting pan for the litter temporarily if you have to. Thanks for taking her in and helping her. She is very pretty and deserves a loving home.
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I used one of those plastic storage bins for a litter box once, when we brought in a stray. I also bought a disposable tray from the grocery store. It came with litter in in and was covered by a piece of paper that you just peeled off to expose the litter. I think it cost a few bucks. If you have an extra bathroom you might want to keep her in there, with the litter box, some food, and something soft to lay on- that way it will be nice and dark and no one will accidentally let her out.
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Any updates on her face and eye yet???Keep it clean with warm saliene water (boil water & salt together....then let it cool and put it in containers)...Apply the saline solution to a cotton ball then hold it on her cut for a few moments. Then apply regular neosporin to it so that it doesn't get infected before you bring her into the vet. Be careful not to get any neosporin in her actual eye Good luck. PM me if you need any help tonight. Since she has been outside, i'd be willing to bet that she got the scratch from another kitty, eithor fighting over mating, or territory. Has she been spayed yet? Once you have her tested for everything and get her vaccinated, they will spay her. Good luck! I'm sending you and scary lots of vibes! For now though- you definitely made a wise choice to keep her indoors only and seperate from Maui.
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Well our appointment is in an hour!

We ended up going up to the store to get her a litter pan since we had a few other things to get. She went poop 5 times and only once in the box! It smells pretty poopy in there I don't know what order she pooped & where- so I'm hoping the last time was in the box because she finally figured it out!

Maui couldn't care less that there is another cat in here. He hears her cry sometimes so he'll sit in front of the door for a minute and listen then he wanders off I think introducing them will be easy at least!

I think we'll end up just fostering her until she has her kittens. That way we can get her healthy and make sure her babies have a chance then we'll find them good homes! Or she may stay here- I don't know yet!
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Good for you for bringing her in and taking her to the vet.

Good luck Scary and Sarah.
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Well I have some bad news unfortunately

I brought her in this morning and she was such a good girl! She let everyone handle her that needed to and she just laid on the table and let me pet her. Scary is such a sweet girl!

They did the feline leukemia test first and that came back positive. I didn't really know much about FelV but after talking it over with the vet we decided it was best to put her to sleep. I can't keep her in the house with Maui since there is no real way to totally prevent him from contracting it and I felt it would be cruel to just put her back outside. The vet told me that she would pass it on to her kittens and that with the gash on her face being infected that already was a disadvantage. I was also worried about her passing it on to the other cats outside- especially JD since they have shared the same food bowl.

Well thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and words and your encouragement to save this kitty- I gave it a shot but I feel that this outcome was the best for her considering the situation.

I will definetely miss that scary face of hers!!!
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im so sorry you lost scary but you did everything you could, at least she had the chance to feel loved sending you a (((((((((((big hug))))))))))))
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Oh I'm so sorry to read this.......that poor did your best though. Thanks for trying to help her.
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I'm sorry for your loss.

Rest in peace Scary. There is lots of love for you at the bridge!
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What a cute cat.
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Awww sweetie, i'm soo sorry things didn't turn out as you had planned. But at least you can be at peace knowing you tried everything to help her She was lucky to have you while you had her. I'm sending you lots of vibes...
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