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Kids.. ugh!

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I'm at work, and I've barely been here an hour. I've been sitting here at the computer doing some stuff, and I look up and see a boy, about 12-13 or so walking his dog across the street, and I thought it was kind of cute. Then the dog stopped and it looked like he was sniffing something, and the boy kicked him in the face! I wanted to go out and say something, but I had a feeling I would have said something stupid from being so mad, or he would have made some sort of smart comment back like kids that age do. Ugh.. I know this is kind of random, but kids like that really make me mad.
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It makes me sad enough to see people yank their dogs along, let alone something like that.
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That's so awful! I simply don't understand why people like that even bother getting pets; a lot of the time they seem annoyed by them! A lot of kids around that age just don't understand that puppies and kittens aren't just cute things you get to play with and then neglect; that they need forever love.
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I would have spanked his little butt!
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I saw a kid doing more or less the same thing a few months ago as he walked past my house from walking the dog down by the river.

I was heading downstairs when i saw him from my hall window, so i opened the window and shouted if i ever saw him doing that again i'd report him to the r.s.p.c.a

I couldn't give a fig what they back answer with, they get as good back from me!.

And people wonder why i didn't want kids!. Thankfully their not all like that though.
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I'm 14 and I am just dying to have a dog. I think it's so wrong that the majority of those lucky people who DO have a dog are mean to it. Just the other day I saw a little puppy walking along with his family. ANext thing I know the dog stops just to sniff the floor, and the dad ofd the family gives it a good hard kick in the side and yells 'get up' really loudly at the poor thing.

I think people who treat their dogs as bad as that don't deserve to have one
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That's digusting. I know I would have marched out there are said something to the little brat
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I would of run out there and told the little monster just what I thought of him. I wouldn't care what he said to me. At least he would of known that what he did to the dog was not acceptable.When it comes to anyone abusing a animal I am one thats very vocal!I'm usually quite shy but when it comes to animals I come out of my shell in a hurry..
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id of followed him home and told his parents in the hope that they were unaware of the treatment he was giving the dog
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