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Question about cat teeth

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My neighbour (who I dont normally take notice of, but occasionally somethign will make me think, like this) said that cats teeth generally decline around the age of 12 - I did say I didnt' think it was true with my experiences, so she said that all cats are different like all humans, but that is the general age (but she was saying this to try and back up the vet who added 2 years onto the estimated age of her rescue cat), but surely that is a contradication??

Anyway, my experiences are:
Charlie - went for an op at the age of 14, one tooth found to need removal.
Ginger - needed a dental at an estimated age of 11, by the age of 13, he was toothless
Snowy - shelter estimated her at 12 (although my neighbour said 14), went for a dental and came back toothless.
PEbbles - 4 teeth needed removing at an estimated age of 10.
Tom - 2 teeth removing at age 10.

Blackie (14) would have needed a dental, but sadly it wasn't worth doign due to cancer. George had had a dental, and had gone in for anohter when blood tests showed how bad his liver was - vet wouldn't guess at his age though.

Anyone else with older cat experience like to share their thoughts?
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Spot had one tooth pulled when had his dental. We never did really pin down his age, but he was likely at least 13 years old. The rest of his teeth just needed cleaning. My mom's cat is 14 years old and in need of a dental (which they will hopefully do after the move). I keep forgetting to ask them about Odo's teeth.
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Disco had dental issues from around 9 years old! By the time she was around 12, she had very little teeth left. (the vet treatment she received was questionable though! )
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Jaffa had a dental and 2 teeth out recently (age 9). At Magpie's (bridge baby) last check up his teeth were fine at age 8.
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Here's a page about tooth development and wear, listed by age.
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I had to kitties in the past, Chleo and Pandi, both lived well till 16 and 17 with no dental problems. Sweety lost a few of her teeth starting age 10 and lived gloriously to 16. My friends cat, Dolly, recently had almost every tooth pulled due to a blood disorder from fleas! Poor girl, shes only 6.............happy as can be though!
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