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Torn off nail!!!

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My male cat mandy, came home the other day with a torn nail, he's been home for less then a week, and i only noticed it today, even after i cleaned him up and all.. i have a couple of questions... Will the nail grow back? or will it be like that forever... another thing i cleaned it with peroxide so it wouldnt get infected.. is there anything else i should do.. please help, this is urgent..
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A vet visit would probably be a good idea to make sure it isn't infected. They could judge the severity of the wound, and know best how to treat it.
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One of my cats, Jake, had a really bad disease and almost died about a year an a half ago. One of the symptoms of it, was that his nails fell out. I was very suprised when they grew back! Of course, it's a good idea to take him to the vet and make sure it's not infected. Especially if the paw is swollen and painful. He may need some antibiotics to clear up the infection. Another thing that I had to do was wash out the area really well with an antiseptic solution (I got it from the vet) and an antibiotic ointment. I also soaked his paws in espom salts and very warm water. That was interesting but also the most helpful thing. I put the water/epsom salt in the kitchen sink and just held him standing in it for as long as I could, 15-20 minutes. Then I took a Qtip and had to gently put it in where the nail was while gently squeezing the paw and clean out all the pus. Sounds gross but he healed much faster.
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Just a little FYI- I've heard before that while Peroxide does work great to clean a wound it is really the most effective if you rinse it off after. Since it brings all the bad stuff to the surface when it bubbles if you don't rinse it off that stuff just sits there...

I had to have a piece of glass removed from my the bottom of my foot once and I cleaned it with Peroxide every day but it wasn't helping- then a friend told me I had to rinse it afterwords and it made a big difference!
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