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Help! Finicky eater

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Help! I have taken custody of a 9 yr. old cat who has been fed soft and hard food every day for his entire life. The owner changed brands frequently, always buying the cheapest available.

I have found that the soft food gives kitty gas and the runs. I have moved him to "Purina One Special Formula" hard food only. He liked it at first but now 3 weeks later refuses to eat it.

I don't know what to do - should I go back to the soft food (maybe the hard is difficult for him to eat)? Yet, I don't want to give in to tantrums, either. Plus it seems that the soft food isn't as nutritious as the hard.

I always thought that you should feed cats the same food every day otherwise they become finicky eaters - true or false?
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You need to stick with one food. Changing diets on cats all the time is very hard on their system. I would take kitty to the vet for a check-up and talk to the vet about the right food to feed. This way the vet can look at the kitty and make a determination. Has the cat been wormed recently? Have him check the cat's gums and teeth too and then he can advise you further. But this is what I recommend.
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