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Willie's been going for almost a month!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Willie got fixed on July 31st (remember "nothings simple in the cats life" that I posted? that stupid vet)

In a week and a day, Willie will have had his disability for a whole month!!!!
He's such a good guy, I'm throwing a "surprise" party for him on the 31st.

I'm so proud of Willie!!!!!!!

P.S. Someone my brother knows said he heard bad things about that animal hospital (although it could have been the vet before him, I might have another complaint!!)
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God Bless you Willie you courageous sweet Boy!!
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Poor Willie. I hope he is feeling better, he's such a cutie!
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I just read your original thread!
Wow, Willie has been through a lot! I'm glad he is doing so well!
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Well done both of you!

Good luck and enjoy the party!
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I just read the original thread also- I'm new to TCS. Poor Willie! He went through such a hard time. Having you as his meowmy surely helped him. He knows he is loved. Congratulations to both of you for your good work and enjoy the party!


meowmy to seven furbabies
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I somehow missed your original post. I'm glad I was able to read it now. Poor Willie, he's been through so much!

I have a cat with a neurological disability, too. My Forest has cerebellar hyperplasia (CH). He was born with his disability. He walks with a wobble and has the "bobble head", but I fell in love with him at first sight. (And most everyone he meets does, too...even some dedicated cat-haters.) He's a constant reminder to me that some of the very best things in life aren't "perfect".

PM me if there's anything you'd like to talk about or any questions you have. I belong to an online group for people with CH kitties and they're a wealth of information.
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Thanks everyone, for all the love toward Willie.

Actually Tari, my Aun't cat has CH, as well. She does the same things that your cat seems to do. At first, we thought that maybe Willie had it. Knowing that it starts only at birth, we thought mayeb he had it all along, and the anesthesia gave it a jump start, knowing that he was always so mellow. But the vet said no way!!

So even though he doesn't have it, he has all the same symptoms, so we're basically on the same page. He acts just like a CH cat...

Is your cat by any chance very lovey? Because Willie has become very lovable.

Thanks so much.
I hope we can keep in touch because our cats are so similar!!

P.S. I'm under 18, so I can't PM. We can talk on this thread or you can email me at jub10212@yahoo.com
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