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hiya can u please tell me if this all sound's ok

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my kitten's will be 2 week's old tomorrow there weight's are as follow's
forest .......11 0z
tigerlilly......11 0z
midnight.....12 0z
they have been putting around 1/2 oz a day
they open there eye's fully between 9 and 11 day's old
they are rolling around and trying to stand up but toppling over lol
they look like they are trying to play fight with each other and lilly's face look's so cute please could u let me know as i can't seem to find any website's with all this info on , i know all kitten's are different and do thing's at different stage's i would juts like to know what u all think , thanx xx

this is them at 1 week old as i havn't put the other's on the pc yet oh and the 2 black one's seem to be getting faint shade's of stripe's on there tail leg's and head but i'm not sure if it's just the way black kitten's look lol u can't see it in the pic any one know if there colour dosn't alway's show untill later ?
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OMG what big kitties you have mine are 3 weeks and are only just these weights id say they are thriving
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lol not sure how much they weighed at birth as me scale's broke so started weighing them at about 4 day's old so sort of pin pointed it at 1/2 oz a day so counted backword's 1/2 oz each day to there birth day and it went like this
forest 4 0z
tigerlilly 5 0z
midnight 5 1/2 0z , bit worrying today as they havn't put any weight on but the other day they put on 1 oz each so not to worried at the moment i will be checking them again tomorrow with there weight's just to make sure as lilly hasn't had very much milk from start so glad she only had a small litter of 3 lol
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you see so much more weight gain in grams i dont think my scale were very accurate at birth i went and bought new digital ones mine are 3 weeks and 1 day and ive just weighed them miss smokey is 326g/11.4oz tabbitha is 359g/12.6oz and spotlina is 318g/11.2oz they gain between 9g-15g a day
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Wow! they are absolutely gorgeous! Misty had a litter of three, six days ago and i found the Whiskas website really good it tells you how much they should weigh and what they get upto each week as they grow. But as long as they are gaining weight im sure they will be just fine best of luck for you and your babies, sadie x
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weighd them today they didn't gain any weight y/day and havn't gained any today tigerlilly has lost 1/2 oz today , should i be worried or phone a vet ?? i wasn't sure coz the amount they gained if it was normal for them not to gain any or 2 lose a little bit ?
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you could always call the vet just to be on the safe side i know my vet told me not to weigh them as they didnt feel the need for it. do they seem ok to you are they feeding ok?
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Those are some big kittens! Wow! They sounds all nice and healthy- it's a good thing that they're a little robust at that age- means they're eating well...I would only worry if they start to loose weight. Sounds like you're doing a wonderful job with them. Here is a link to www.kitten-rescue.com they have a chart for the average weight and feedings of kittens. It's very helpful. Feel free to pm me if you need any more help
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thanx for ur reply's they seem to be doing ok , there having there first vet check next week so they can have worm treatment and just a genral health check they will be 3 week's then
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