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Mould in pee clumped litter?

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Ok, so I am taking care of my parents cat while they are away for a week or so. They've had their cat for around 6-7 years now. I think it's about 8 years old as it was not quite a kitten when they got it. It was a cat rescued from an attack from a bunch of teens that ended up fracturing it's spine and causing some other lower/rear body injuries as well. It can still walk, just with a couple of fused vertabrae, limited flexibility, and a half lame right rear leg. If Cali were human I'd say she was a yo-yo dieter as last summer she was about 3 kilos heavier than she was at the beginning of this summer, but has gained a bit of weight this summer as well.

The problem I've noticed after a couple of days visiting Cali is that the pee in the clumping litter has developed a coat of what appears to be mould (or crystalization?) on the surface about 1mm thick. It's very light yellow in colour. There is nothing in the clumps themselves. I've had cats for years using all sorts of litter and have never seen anything like this. The clumps have been there only a couple of days as well so I am trying to figure out what could possibly wrong with the cat to cause this sort of thing. I changed the litter yesterday in order to see just how long it takes to appear.

What could this be?
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A puddle of urine will normally crystalize as it dries....

Good thing you dumped the litter- that would have been my first thought. I think it's just that the clumps have been allowed to sit for so long- it needs to be scooped at least daily.
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I would scoop the litter twice daily.
If they are using an organic litter like SWheat Scoop it might be feeding some mold. I've not noticed it with the stuff I use.
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The wheat and corn litters do grow mold in warm weather. But the clumps should not be allowed to sit in the box more than 24 hours, in any case. I've noticed that if I miss a day, the older urine clumps have a strong ammonia smell. It must be very unpleasant for a cat to have to use a box that smells that bad.
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