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Update Mattie - My front porch cat

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I adopted a stray calico that showed up on my porch three weeks ago. She has been treated for two weeks for runny eyes. The vet told me Monday to stop the medicine and call him today. The redness is gone from her eyes, but the left one is still runny with clear tears. He first told me it was probably herpes, but no specific test was done to determine for sure. Now I have to take her in this afternoon to let him have another look. Please send healing prayers and vibes to Mattie. She is tired of living in a cage on the porch. I want to be able to introduce her to Speedboat and Muffin.
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first off i love the names speedboat & muffin.

i'm sending loads of healing }}}vibes{{{ calico, you're in my thoughts tonight
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Tons of healing vibes for Mattie. Can't wait to start hearing about the introduction!
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I am praying for you and Mattie. It does sound like she's doing better.

If it is herpes, supplementing with l-lysine will help her get well sooner. It wouldn't hurt to try it in any case.
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Mattie is definitely making progress. Her eye is some better. We moved her from the front porch to the back porch. Our two cats, Muffin and Speedboat come in from outside to eat there two times a day in their cat carriers. At first there was much hissing, but that has stopped for the most part. Mattie is just living on the back porch for now. At night we put her in the cage or if we are going to be gone all day. Today, we tried putting her in the yard with them while we sat on the porch just in case. They did very well. So far we have no flying fur. This is a time consuming process, but we are trying to go slowly in introducing them and trusting them all together. l think Mattie still needs a place to get when she wants to be by herself. Keep sending the prayers and vibes for a peaceful loving existence between them.
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It sounds like good progress is being made to me! Good work!
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Yippeeeeeeeeee! Mattie is now spending some time in the yard with the other cats. Also I can leave them all on the screen porch snoozing. There has been some hissing, but never any fur flying. My previous cats, Muffin and Speedboat just look at her really puzzled when she hisses at them. They want so much to be friends. I think things are coming along very well and I hope they will get to the stage where they can all be friends.
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Good job, And the L-lysine is healthy, does not hurt the cat, and will clear up the feline herpes. Gizmo is bright eyed and no longer has a nasal discharge after six months of the treatment.
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