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Killing prey and eating it?

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My cat casper has always brought home voles/rabbits because we live near a field. But lately he has been eating them (dont read on if you have a soft stomach) and especially theyre heads and eyeballs. He is getting old now, about 11-12, we have consulted a vet about it and they didnt know why he would be behaving like this. I dont mind cleaning them up but he is catching one a day and about 5 minutes ago he started eating one infront of me, and wouldnt let go of the rabbit. This cant be normal, and because of it my parents are thinking of putting him down. Can anybody give any reasons why he may be doing this and anyway to stop it?
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i've no idea, sorry. maybe someone else will be along shortly to help out...But my partners parents cat used to do the exact same thing...he'd only eat the head...& although he was very protective of her when other cats came a sniffing ~ he'd eat them infront of the guinea pig!! i'm not sure how Stella felt about that!
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My neighbors cat used to leave only the head for the owner. The fact that he eats the head and leaves the rest is just his way of giving you a gift. It could be that he feels the body is the best part and is leaving it for the owners. Maybe there is something about the head that is appealing but still wants to leave the rest for you. The skull would be loaded with calcium, perhaps there is a small deficiency and he is getting what he needs? I kind of doubt it and I would lean towards he is just leaving you part of his gift. Afterall, if he was on his own he would eat the entire animal. They do not leave anything behind. He does not need the entire animal since some of his food comes from you but the instinct is still there.
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He used to do it a while ago and we thought that he maybe lacking protein from his catfood (whiskas), we have given him cooked liver from the butchers, fish, chicken, but i dont know why he is still doing it.
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Nothing compares to a cat than raw food. I give my cats all a raw diet. Even if I let them outside and they could catch their food, they would and they would still eat it. The reason being is that it is natural for them to eat their own kill. They enjoy hunting and they enjoy eating what they catch. If they leave it for their owners this is an incredible compliment but if they eat it, then there is nothing wrong with that either and we can't tell them to not do it. Its just instinct, they are self-reliant and will default to this when the opportunity arrises.

The *perfect* meal for a cat is a whole mouse. Every part of that mouse has something fundamental to the bodies operation for a feline. Other small prey have similar characteristics. This is the most appetizing meal they can get.
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I think your cat just likes the taste.

It's the difference between a hot dog and a pork chop... cat food isn't even recognizable as meat.
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Please don't kill the cat for doing what is natural for him!

Why not just keep him indoors?
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I keep a shovel by the back garage door as I never know what Bobber will frag home and eat. Lots of chippies-she usually leaves the head and the hind quarters (lovely). She usually leaves the heads of rabbits too. Plus she always (yuck!) leaves some internal organs. She brings something home every day too.
I don't think you cats behavior is unusual or that your cat is old either (my oldest 17 1/2 ys young) Your cat might have been eating the stuff elsewhere and is now determined to bring you food.
I read that you aren't supposed to praise them as the will continue to bring stuff. Also that they now that you can't hunt so they do it for you!!
I wouldn't be too worried exept that you will have to treat your kittie for worms (trust me on this!!)
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