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Cats and Thunder, how well do your kitties get on with it??

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I thought I would post this message because as it is thundering here right now, why not ask the great peeps at the TCS what their cats think of thunder.
So peeps, what do your gorgeous kitties think of thunder? Are they scared like Tab and hide under the sofa , do they look around as if to say 'what was that?' or are they just not bothered?!!

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Phenom hides for hours after the storm has passed. Phantom is my fearless little angel!!
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well its a shame really, cos I think Big Guy Dino hears noises all the time (and sees flashes) so thunder storms dont bother him a jot !!
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Reilly doesn't care, he'll sit in the window even if he is getting soaked by the rain
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I don't know! We haven't had a thunder storm yet since we've brought Maui home. I hope I'm there when we have the first one so I can see if he freaks out!
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Magnum is fine with thunder and will sit in the window getting wet with rain, but first sign if lightnining he is under the sofa.

Bumper and Boomer are big chickens and run at the first sign of a storm

Scully will happily sit in the window and watch the storm, he loves lightning and thunder (and the fact that the other cats are hiding so he gets more attention)
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Thunder doesn't bother any of my cats in fact they will sit upstairs on the landing and look out the front door during a storm..we have very bad T-storms here in the Spring!
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Maggie May & Jazz hide in the closet
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my boys don't mind the thunder..however, my dog Jenny is scared of it.
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My cats sit in the window and watch it. The dogs are scared of it though.
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Twitch & Ophelia(the deaf ones) aren't bothered by thunder one bit....until it shakes the house! Damita panicks & is liable to bite in a thunderstorm(she's the blind one). Chico seems to be the "village idiot" who is scared by nothing, so he just sits around... Lily is scared of everything, so she hides wherever she can, and if you try to stop her, she urinates on you!
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it's so funny, because the vet asked me about this when i took Pixel in for her UTI - she thought perhaps the unusual sound of the thunder that morning had been the cause of her 'out-of-the-box' peeing episode! prior to that morning, it had been months since we'd had any rain, with or without thunder.
Java's the only one that really reacts to loud noises in general. the other 3 tend to ignore them. we live 2 blocks from the train track, & she still sometimes reacts when the train goes thru, & no one else ever does.
but she's the only one NOT scared of the vacuum
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None of them are scared at all! I swear the crew as a whole is not afraid of anything only a couple are afraid of the vacuum too.... my dogs aren't afraid of thunder either, Girl is deaf and Vino barks at it like he's telling it to "be quiet, I'm trying to take a nap"
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Awr, thanx for replyin guys!
all of your cats look adorable by the way.
and can I just say that MAGNUM is totally gorgeous!! He's one of my fave kitties on this site! (i have loads of faves lol)
everyone else's cats rock too!!
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Scuffy is used to it, he is from the country that rains and thunders all the time. Sammie is freaked out.
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My cats don't seem to notice either way.
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Its thundering now but its nap time so its not bothering anyone except perhaps Bobber who is outside right now-I'll have to call for her!!
*dashes downstairs and calls for her*
She must be holed up somewhere good as she didn't come yet!!
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My two just kind of look around, and move on with their live. We haven't had many big storms since I've had them, but we had a freak storm last night, and that's all they did.

As an interesting side note - I was reading in a dog behavior book that it seems the reason some dogs may be afraid of thunderstorms is due to a charge of static electricity in their coats which then shocks and scares them. The author (a well-reputed animal behaviorist at Tufts University near Boston) noticed that his dogs would hide in the tub during storms, and realized that the tub pipes were grounded, thus dissipating the static electricity in their coats. Weird, huh?
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Duke and Sibohan are both facinated by lightning. However if a good loud clap of thunder hits they run to me for safety and I had better be sitting down or I get "Climbed" until they reach my shoulders.
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We get lightning everyday, they are used to it!
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Originally Posted by lauracatlover View Post
... can I just say that MAGNUM is totally gorgeous!! He's one of my fave kitties on this site! (i have loads of faves lol)
everyone else's cats rock too!!

Magnum is at home enjoying all this lavishing of attention on him, my BF just got home and said Magnum had opened firefox (probably hitting the favourites) and was looking at TCS, standing up on my chair with his nose against the screen, when he got home... if he is reading all these 'I love Magnum' posts I am going to have a kitty with a big ego when I get home
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Scratch loves to watch the lightning, but as soon as there's thunder she hides under the couch.
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The boys are both terrified when there is thunder and lightning. Loki, whenever he is frightened, climbs up on my lap and hides his face (I call it his ostrich act). Jacob just huddles against me.
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Ours deal well with storms. Usually you can hear them coming and so no surprise. But - a few weeks ago, we had a clap of thunder right overhead and both jumped simultaneously! I'm sorry, but I had to laugh at them!
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Harvey and Forest are OK with it, but Tailer's terrified of rain or storms of any kind. (He has been since he got out once and was outside in one.) He sits at my feet, tucks himself into a little ball, and shivers and cries. It's really very sad.
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My kitties are usually ok during storms....if there is a tornado or something nearby that they can hear though, they freak out...(as i place them all in carriers in my closet) Thankfully we haven't had a tornado in a while, or staight-line storm . /

My wolf mix on the other hand is a nightmare....imagine a full grown wolf mix completely chewing through....humm lets see....the bathroom wall, the bedroom wall, a metal cage you get the point. We give her tranqualizer pills on the days it's supposed to rain - but sometimes it can be hard to predict. She stays in a crate when we aren't home for her own safety...she feels safe in there. But she's by far the worst one when it comes to storm....did i mention she howls lol.....
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I was talking about this with my neighbour recently!

Tibby, Molly and Annie don't seem to really notice it and genearally sleep through! Willow on the other hand will spend his time running to me and back to his hammock or hiding under the sofa! Bless him!

Charlie, my neighbour's indoor/outdoor cat will just twist his ears to hear where it's coming from, but not be too bothered by it!
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Gizmo trusts me when I tell her that the noise is nothing to worry about. I don't notice any unusual upset behaviour. If I'm home I will hold her and pet her during the storm so she can see that I am not upset either.

Mind, I DO unplug all the electrical appliances except for the fridge, first.
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Well, they are startled by the first clap, but when they realize it is harmless they ignore it.
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Tavia doesn't like storms but I think its mostly because my sisters boxer flips out and goes dashing all over the house she's a big scaredy dog. She even flips out when you drop stuff. And I think Tavia is reacting to the dog flipping out. But she doesn't like loud noise or sudden movements. She mostly hides in my room or the laundry room if its storming. But if she didn't sis's dog would step on her. Along with being a chicken dog she's clumsy.
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