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I've had Otis for a little over a year now, He's healthy, very friendly and affectionate with "me" strangers he doesnt care for. Hes never been a dicipline problem, no counter jumping, scratching on furniture, doesnt tear up anything, hes been through one big move and has adjusted fine. Hes a purring machine!. Heres the issues, I had to fly out of town for a family crisis. Well, I came back with a new cat,Mugs, whom I inherited from a family member who just passed, he's older, very calm, alwaya has been. He spent all day on a plane, and in a car. Hes walking around and checking things out, hasnt eaten alot, hes used the litter box once or twice. I kept him the room with his own things, and closed the door, I brought otis in while Mugs was in his carrier still. They hissed, snorted, and puffed up, no attacks, or strikes, Otis who has been my cat, seemed to be the most upset, and angry. Since then I keep Mugs in the room, and let him out for short periods, they hiss and stare, they havent gotten close yet, or charged eachother. I let Otis go in the carrier and sniff around on Mug's towel, he didnt growl or hiss. Mugs will usually just come out, lay down and look around. I know hes adjusting to a few things at once. hes known me from when I have visited in the past. Hes a little blue right now since he misses his Mom "his prior long time owner", and maybe thats the reason for the calm. I guess I should continue this pattern until they start getting closer and closer to eachother. And finally become pals. I brought all of Mug's bowls, pillows, and other things so he would have "his" things for comfort. I'll only pet Mugs with super affection while hes in the room, not infront of Otis till Otis accepts him. Otis is laying here now purring like a machine, and Mugs is at the slding glass door watching birdy TV, so far so good? any suggestions? I made a promise to keep and love Mugs and want to be sure he adjusts right. I couldnt bear it if anything happened to him during this. They are both Boy cats, fixed, and up to date with shots.

Thanks for any Help