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This day is off to a rough start.<<Vent>>

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Well how much worse could my day be today. I woke up this morning late, my regular back up alarm clock (Duke) was sleeping on the couch in the other room.
So I ran to the shower. As I am about to put the shampoo in my hair the power goes off in my whole apartment building, so I stand there hoping it will come back on for over 5 minutes. Convinced it wasn't coming back on any time soon I whiped the shampoo off my hand and dried off.

I got dressed, ate a granola bar for breakfast and decided to try to get a coffee at the local coffee shop.

I pet the cats goodbye, found my flashlight and locked the door. I walked down the 15 flights of stairs to the ground floor where I found my neighbor who is a little old lady about 75 years old who has a 12 year old doxon (winer dog) I caried her dog up 8 flights of stairs for her, where we found the superintendant that volunteered to take them the rest of the way. Then proceeded down once again. Still no power.

I got in my car and went to the coffee shop, I guess everone had the same idea, the line was out the door and down the block. I decided to go without coffee. I proceed to work.

At work I am instantly borraged by at leat 4 people that need me to do somthing I am recruited to do reception duty because I am the only person in the office today that speeks french and I have my quarterly stats due next week.

Don't ask me why i'm on TCS, I need the break from the stress.

Can I go home now.... Crap it's only 9:30, I have to be here until 5:00
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I hate those kind of days
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auws Sibohan. Sorry to hear about your morning...has the day got any better yet? hopefully the electrics will be back on by the time you get home, or should i not tempt fate...

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I hope your day gets better! Maybe have your favorite take out for lunch?!
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Thanks everyone.

Things have gotten a little better, the power is back on according to the hydro company. Although the Cable is now out.
I got to talk to the building superintendant about a whole bunch of problems I am having in my apartment, and work has gotten a little less stressful. I found a code that will add up all of my monthly stats for my 2nd quarter report.
As that song says "Breath... just breath..."
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