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Persi fell in the tub this morning!

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As soon as I start the water in the bathtub, in he comes and perches himself on the ridge of the tub. I have told him over and over again that he is going to fall in some day but he just would not listen. This morning the inevitable happened and I have never seen or heard of an animal moving so fast! He has been giving me his mad look all morning so I guess he blames me.
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auw poor thing

i did read that cats associate the nearest person to them with the unpleasant experience... ooh'll be in the bad books...but not for long me hopes! i bet he's learned to listen to warnings now! or..not..
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LOL, poor kitty!

He'll get over it, but he probably won't be perching on the side of the tub anymore.
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Reminds me of one of my rexes - she had a habit of wanting to walk around the edge of the tub (all my cats are conditioned to be washed anyway). Just about the time I started to say "watch it Lily, you will fall....." yes she did it - slipped and fell right into the water!

I grabbed her quick and throw a towel around her and dryed her off, but she had that look like "what in the heck just happened?".
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lol Chay's done it twice. The first time, I had been soaking one of my blue slipcovers to make sure the dye didn't run, and there was still water in the tub when I was done. Chay races into the bathroom, jumps into the tub, and is out of the bathroom so fast, you could barely see him!

The second time, I was soaking in the tub, and Chay was playing "How far around the tub can I get before I fall in?" He was making the shower curtain move, and so his brother Billy was on the other side of it, attacking it. He finally hit Chay hard enough to knock him into the tub. I had a very upset and wet little boy for awhile there.
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Well folks, he did not show up at all anywhere near the room yesterday but this morning he was back in the room, I bet by tomorrow he will be right back on the ledge again!
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Aww, poor persi! Persi it's not your mamma's fault, stop giving her the mad look!
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that made me laugh when i read it ...because BOTH of my cats have fallen in ...while i was in the tub. They didnt panic and i put them out but before I could get a towel they ran all over the house. Now that Mitzee has passed away...Remy still sits on the side of the tub whenever I take a bath...he even teases me by reaching down to the water with his paw.
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I think all mine have fallen in at some time or other but it has never stopped them coming back to see what the attraction is of a large tub of water! They dip their paws in, try to drink the water (even through the bubbles) and debate whether to jump on me - I quickly stop that one!
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Awww! Billy fell in the tub the first week we had him.... now he forces himself in to my bath atleast twice a week... he actually enjoys the water. He perches on my chest and I pet him then my girlfriend takes him and dries him off while I take a shower to get the cat hair off of me. lol. [rolls eyes] cats - gotta love 'em.

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My cat seems to like water more than the average cat. The squirt bottle was useless because he wound up likeing the water. As soon as he discovered the bathtub he hangs out by the door and races into the tub to check out the remnants of water still there and stares in hopes of seeing one of those very intriguing drips. The other day he was batting at the spot where his shadow was in the bottom of the tub and seemed to think the wet paws were worth it. He hung around that entire bath and then finally when the water was drained to about 4 inches he couldn't resist any longer and hopped in. Evidently that's where he draws the line because he hopped right back out! He didn't race away mad though.
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tuna my 4 year old always came in the bathroom with me as soon as i started to run the bath..she would jump onto the end of the bath and sit there till i finished day she thought shed walk along the bath tub to my face..she only got half way before she slipped into the tub..she meow soo loud and her claws went straight into my legs as she tried to stop herself..then i cried out now she usually sits on the floor and just looks up to me in the tub
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