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help please....windex kitten again

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Squirt is losing weight again. He'd been doing very well, and was maintaining his weight, and I weighed him this morning. He's back down to 13 1/2 oz. I started syringe feeding him again. Squirt is the kitten from the rescue where they cleaned his cage with Windex with ammonia. He finished his antibiotic 3 days ago. How do I keep weight on him? What do you guys recommend? My husband suggested euthanizing him, as we have had him 3 weeks, and while we see some improvement in that he's not coughing anymore... I really don't want that for him, but I don't want to prolong his suffering either. He doesn't act like he's in pain, more like he just doesn't care. I get the feeling that maybe if I could get some weight on him, he'd get stronger and he'd improve. I am feeding Natural Balance cat food, should I switch him back to the Purina kitten chow? Should I start him on kitten formula? We estimate him to be about 6 -7 weeks old.
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A kitten this young should definitely be on kitten food (IMO). The kitten food will help him gain some weight and hopefully get stronger.

If he isn't in pain, why would your husband just automatically want to euthanize him? Let him have as much kitten food as he wants (I would suggest both dry and wet) and see if he starts gaining weight and perking up.
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Lindas right. My Rosie ate the kitten food right up until she was one year old and Sophie was about 10 months when she prefered the adult food to kitten.

Kitten food has more vitamins and calories in it.

Please don't euthanize him
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Did they run a tox screen on him?

Ask your vet for A/D canned food. Warm it up in the microwave, and then stir it with your finger. give it to him in a clean large jar lid. When he takes a bite, stir it again. If he is bonded to you, your smell in his food will prompt him to eat. You can also get some acidolphous capsules and break one open and rub a bit of the powder on the gums, that can perk up an appetite. If he starts going downhill, give him a tiny bit of strong coffee warmed with a bit of karo syrup in it to perk him up. Cats do their best to not show pain. It's an innate trait of theirs, they are so low on the food chain they know not to show when they are weak. Get the tox screen done to see if he is still battling the toxins. Did they x-ray his lungs? Did they show any scarring or could they tell? He is so young to go through this- bless you for helping him.
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