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At wits end

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Prue has been nothing but a pain in the butt since Icis had the babies!!! she would tear things apart, destroy things, now, she pees and poos on things!!! Last night she peed in the cat toy box, and today, she peed and pooed on the dogs thow rug under his food dish!!! she IS healthy i have had her checked out. i just dont feel its right to keep confining her ( to the spare bathroom) every time she does this, but i cant take it anymore!!!

also, when ever the kittens are out of the cage, she likes to smack them on the head, and hiss @ me when i tell her NO!. When they were smaller, she would like them and tend to them like a momma, now she acts like they are gonna kill her, but they are afriad of her.
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A product you could try is a Comfort Zone Feliway Diffuser. It contains a pheromone that mimics the facial pheromones in cats. This may help calm Prue down and make her less agitated. You could place several around the house or apartment. I hope this helps!
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i did try this, to no avail. i just dont get her anymore. she is still loving, but only when i put the kits back in the cage.
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so sorry to hear this Liza much be very stressful for you, let alone the other cats!
my first thought was she's not well..but you've had a full checkup..& i was going to say the feliway diffuser but you say you've used it..i really don't know what else to suggest...
it's not nice to have to confine a member of the family either
maybe she is just jealous of the others? it's horrid to think she's doing these things deliberately..but it has been known..speak to your vet again & see what they say.
it's a pity everyone can't just get along nicely...i do hope this works out for all of you.

me x
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