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pet peeves?

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I dont know about you, but I cannot stand it when waiting to turn left on a green arrow, especially when someone is in front of me! Lately, it seems like it's taking people forever to turn! I always worry because some intersections have the photo radars that go off if you don't make it thru in time! Then, some of the lights seem so short!

I also can't stand when someone is in the fast lane, driving as if they were in the slow lane!
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I can't stand it when my boyfriend's cat licks his sister's butt....it's sooooo disgusting...blah!
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I hate it when people eat with their mouths wide open... so you get to see all their mushed up food swilling around their mouths..... and when people eat like they can't breath.... make so much noise!! ARRGGGHHH!!!!
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I don't like messy people who won't clean up after themselves. If they are eating popcorn, for example, half of it ends up on the floor and they leave it for someone else to clean up. If these same people are drinking something like Pepsi, the container is always just left somewhere but never in the trash. It's the same way with newspapers, magazines, food wrappers, dirty dishes and their clothing...
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I agree with Bodlover - I hate people who eat with thier mouths open, it makes me gag and noisy eaters - yuck!

But people who don't acknowledge you when you hold a door open for them makes me fume - I always call after them "Thank-you".
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I also can't stand it when family members or people staying at your house use the shower... and somehow manage to SOAK every single thing in the room?!?!?!?!!? HOW DO THEY DO IT?!?!?! Take the shower off the wall and spray everything?!!??!
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I just hate rudeness. One of our Directors at work will ignore everybody. You ask her a question and she either doesn't hear or doesn't want to hear. So she does not respond.

Thankfully I don't have to work with her - but it's driving my frind Sarah insane, as she is this woman's assistant.

She also won't look at you when she's tallking to you.

I hate blokes that get arsy with you coz you have a faster/newer/flasher car than them. They try and race you and just behave very dangerously and agressively.

I hate blokes that work on building sites and whistle/call out at you. I've had a couple of stand-up rows with them about this.
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I HATE being called dear - a deer is an animal with horns! It is even worse when I am dealing with clients on the phone and the call me dear - I want to say I AM NOT YOUR DEAR!
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People who smack, snap and pop their gum - ugh! I have worked with, supposed professionals who do this. That is SO disgusting AND unprofessional!

As a kid, I chewed bubble gum but never snapped and popped it. Blowing bubbles was another matter, though.

People who bring their children into my store and turn them loose on the toy aisle. Also, the ones who let their baby chew on a piece of merchandise and then hand it to me, to scan. I don't want to handle their baby's spit!
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I hate it when people think just because I'm pregnant it is okay to now touch and rub my belly.

I hate slow drivers that I can't pass.

I hate telemarketers.

I hate it when people stand and watch all their items being rung up at the checkout lane...THEN they get out their checkbooks and start writing...slowly....chatting about the weather, etc....I am in a hurry!!!!

I could go on forever...but I better stop.
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Bodlover and adymarie, you both are so right! Eating with your mouth open and smacking gum is absolutely disgusting. I also cannot stand to watch someone gnaw their fingernails. It makes me KRAZY! They know where those fingers have been, how can they put them in their MOUTH?! GROSS!!!!! I also cannot stand a drama queen. I get them on my job all the time, and I just want to SMACK 'EM! "Oh, I'm ssssooooo fat! Have you ever pierced someone as fat as me? OOHHhh!" This is usually some 85 lb. bimbo wanting attention. AAAARRRGGGHHHH!!!! Gee, I feel better! Thanks!
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I have a fairly new (in my experience) pet peeve for driving - these people who are turning left at an intersection where there isn't a turn arrow, so instead of waiting they gun it through as soon as the light turns green. I have seen this quite a bit in a past couple months, cutting people off who think they are in as much of a hurry as they are. I'm surprised no one has died yet!

Oh, and people yapping on their cell phones while unsuccessfully trying to drive. Especially when it is snowy/icy. Shut up and DRIVE!

And since I answer the phones for a living, people who realize they have the wrong number and hang up/slam the phone down. Don't people have the common courtesy of saying "Oops, wrong number!"

One more...Microsoft in general. They put out inferior products and make billions forcing the rest of us to deal with their way of doing things. (I'm fighting with Word right now, can you tell? I much prefer Corel WordPerfect.)
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People who wear too much cologne.

Rude store clerks.

People who are rude to store clerks.

Parents who don't control their children in stores.

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Debby, my boyfriends sister had the same problem.....she was pregnant and everyone thought it was their person right to touch her stomach anytime they wanted to. I have that problem too because of my piercings.....complete strangers will walk right up to me and grab my ear to look at it. Then they thing I'm the rude one when I ask them to back off!!
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Drivers who don't know what the word "merge" means.

People who can't get off the cell phone for 2 seconds, even in line at the grocery store.
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People who drive 25-30 in a 35 mph zone. The sign is there to let you know the speed you can go up to!

Double left turn lanes. Figure out where you are going before you pick which left turn lane you want to be in so you don't cut off the people THOUGHT AHEAD of time.

Parents who do nothing to keep their kids quiet in a public place.

My .02

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