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8-Bit is in love

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A friend of mine is a trained massage therapist, and decided to come over last night for a glass of wine. She had other motivations however; my friend is learning the art of pet massage. 8-Bit, being the most social cat in all of God's creation, decided to go first. She had him purring, drooling, and I swear, cooing. He looked so happy, that I thought he was going to try to hop in her bag and go home with her. I now know that my friend has her first client. It's $20.00 for both boys, and I was thinking about having her come once a month. Am I crazy?
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Not at all!

I would love it too. As it is, my poor cats have to put up with my feeble attempts at massage. (Maybe not too feeble - Molly coos sometimes).
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I don't think it is crazy. It's like giving the kitties a very special treat.
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I give my kitties massages all the time! I'm no trained professional, but they seem to like it I can just see 8-Bit....
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That's a great idea!!
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I am a massage therapist, and I am going to learm pet massage eventually. Fred would let me practice infant massage on him when I was in school. He would flop over on his back and let me do whatever I wanted. I think it is a wonderful treat for your boys. It seemed to help Fred move around a little better. He was 17 years old at the time, and his old joints would get stiff.
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Lol, none of us crazy pet people will think it's crazy!!

But animals have muscles, just like us, and they use them a lot harder than we do (especially Bit and Scratch!!!!), so I imagine a massage really would be wonderful to a cat!
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Huh! Never heard of that. That is so interesting.
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Who doesn't love a massage!!?

It's a great idea- maybe your friend can show you some tips & tricks so you can pamper them yourself in between appointments!
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