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Vomiting, please help

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I noticed around 4pm that one of the cats were sick by the stairs, I didnt no which one and didnt really think anything of it cuz once in a while one will be sick. It was flem I think, clear with some white in it. Then around 2am I realized that I didnt see Storm in a while, so I went looking for her then started to freak out cuz I couldnt find her. I went to the basment to see if she was down there and noticed maybe 5-8 (estamate cuz I wasnt counting at the time) other sick spots on the floor. I finally found Storm maybe 4mins after that, she was by the computer table, but had her head down, so I picked her up and she just kinda leaned into me, which isnt anything new, but her closing her eyes as well as staying in my arms when I sat down was. After a min or so she got down off my lap but was waking slowly, and walked to the guinea pig cage. So I picked her up and brought her upstairs to bed with me. Since then all shes been doing is laying beside me sleeping, and getting up to be sick again (which has happened 3-4 times), and its now 5:15am. I've been calling my dad at work, and he said that she probably got into something, and if shes not better by morning (well 7-9am when he gets home) that while take her to the vet. I really dont no what to do. My moms been sleeping until a few mins ago and told me she probably ate something that upset her stomach. I dont no if its happening because of something she ate, or if she has something wrong with her. She went to go drink some water, but only ended up staring into the bowl.

I no its a very good idea to bring her to the vet, and I will be as soon as my dad gets home hopefully since the vet opens at 8:30, but what do I do till them? I've been keeping an eye on her, and also keeping her with me or following her to make sure shes ok, but I dont no what else to do. Sorry if this is all over the place, I'm just scared and worried and I guess thats not the best combo with me while trying to think of what to type.
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Hopefully you will have taken the kitty to your vet by now. What is the verdict?
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We need an update on your cat. Did you take it to the vet. Hoping the best for kitty and you.
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She hasnt been to the vet yet. She has an appointment at 5:15 which is in 2 hours. It would have been sooner but stupid me was laying with her and I ended up falling a sleep for 4 hours, and the vet is in surgery until 5 so its the closest we could get. In the four hours that I was sleeping, she was sick at least twice more, and shes still going to the water bowl but just looks in. I'll give an update as soon as I can, I just really hope nothings seriously wrong with my baby.
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Well I took Storm in to the vet. Before leaving she was sick once more, and there was some blood in it (though the vet things it was do to a cut in her mouth that I didnt notice) She didnt no what is exactly wrong with her, but said that shes very dehydrated and lathargic. She said that it could be something to do with her urtaris, I forget the exact word she used but it could be an enfection because of her having her kittens(5 almost 6 months ago) and then going into only one heat 2-3 months ago since then but shes not 100% sure about it. She put her on a IV drip and took bloodtests that we should get back tomorrow by 10am.

I'm really worried about her, she was just laying in my arms with her eyes closed for a bit then would open them. And she hates to be held for long (inless shes sitting on my sholder). I hated leaving her there, in the cage all alone with a very hyper french bulldog under hers, I hope she forgives me and I really hope shes ok.

And thank you Bugaboo1
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The tests came back and told them that nothings fairly wrong with her that way, but he found a lump in her intestins and also string cought around the back of her toung which was making her sick. He said that her throat is raw from both the string and how much she was sick and that hes hoping that by cuting the string free from her toung hes hoping that the rest will pass on its own. And hes hoping that no other damage was caused to her stomach and intestins.
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I no that noone really commented here, but for the people that read this I just wanted to tell you that Storms being put down later today. The vet said that her stomach is to damaged and the string is raped around her intestines to bad for him to operate on her and that he doesnt think she would live through the surgery. I went to see her yesterday and I'll be with her when shes put to sleep. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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I'm so sorry to hear that Storm is in such a bad way and needs to be PTS. We've been telling folks the dangers of string and unfortunately this proves the point.

My thoughts and prayers are with you. When you feel up to it, why not post something about dear Storm in the Over the Bridge forum.
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Oh SilverPhoenix...I am so sorry about Storm. I'm shocked that nothing can be done to help her. I had no idea that string could be so dangerous. My heart goes out to you. Again I am so, so sorry.
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I am very sorry about your kitty. You did the best you could. Please know you and Storm are in my thoughts and prayers.

I am experiencing something similiar. My baby has vomited twice - last night and just awhile ago. I called the vet immediately and they said bring her in tomorrow AM. I am going to be on pins and needles till then. I am at work and a friend who is staying with me called. I am glad someone is there with her.

Once again, my sympathies for you and your sweet cat.
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Storm was put down around 5pm. We spent around 4 hours with her at the vet, around 3 in a half while she was still alive and 40 mins when she passed. I feel like I should have tryed something more, had her have the surgery so that maybe she would have pulled threw, and not have left her in the vet for 2 days alone. When we got there, she was all purring and got up and walked over to my mom thinking we were brining her home, but when she realized that we wernt 5-10mins later, she just layed back down a while later she started breathing through her mouth but kept on purring and shes not a purring kitty, only purred when she was on your back or sholder (she liked to jump up on you and just stay there for hours). She's probably so mad at me, for leaving her there and I feel like I abanded her. Lightning isnt so happy with me (one of her kittens), he wont let me hold him and just trys to get away.

Thank you for your kind thoughts, I'm sure Storm would apreacate them and I no I did. It took me 5 months to post on Over the Bridge for Rascal, I'll do something simalar for Storm, but not just yet. To Forget-Me-Not, I hope that nothing is seriously wrong with your kitty, and that she turns out to be ok.

Heres a picture of my baby girl, was taken April 20th. Shes watching over Midnigt for her first walk down the stairs. Thank you again.
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I'm very sorry for your loss. RIP Storm.
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So Sorry for your lost....

Storm is over the rainbow bridge..
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I'm so sorry to hear about your poor cat.
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