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I just wanted to say...

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Hello All!
I just wanted to say this is truly a wonderful forum. Everyone here is so nice and encouraging and we all have one thing in common: WE LOVE ANIMALS esspecially kitties!

I am addicted to this place and hope it sticks around for a long time!
Forums are great when everyone can be connected, and just share random stuff about our furbabies or just random stuff.

I really appreciate everyones kindness, with this world being full of so much hate. It's sooo comforting coming on here and seeing everyone getting along!

I really feel comfy posting here, and I shall do so more and more!

Once again Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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hi i feel exactly the same i was over whelmed by everyones kindness i found myself adopted by a pregnant stray.
without the support of the people on this site i wouldnt of managed the challenges we have faced.
the information that has been given im sure has saved the lifes of 3 babies without the advice ive been given i wouldnt of had a clue
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Happy and Michelle, we're very glad you decided to join us here on TCS!
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I just joined
and you all are very nice!

have a good wednesday
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I have learned so much here and my love for cats has grown even stronger.
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your welcome!

It's really great!
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It's also great to see new members like yourself who share our love of kitties. Welcome and let's hear from you on our forums and get to know each other.
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