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A late night Hello!

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Hello Everyone,
I am Sammi, the eldest member (I'm 18 years old, and proud of it! ) of 2kittymom's fur family. (SSh.. don't tell anyone, but she's actually a 3 kitty mom now!)
I just wanted to know if there are any other seniors out there that still play with their toys at all hours of the night? Just now, Mom took my favoritest toy away and said I can' t have it back until morning!! She scolded me about running around the house, and telling everyone how much fun it is to play with my foamy ball. --It really is, you know... fun! I like to sit at the top of stairs, and let the ball drop, then I race down after it and chase it till I catch it! Then when I catch it, I race back up to the top of the stairs, shouting about how I caught the ball, then, when I reach the top again, I drop the ball down the stairs, and I can keep doing again and again and again! Oh it so much fun!! You can see how much fun this game is, can't you?!! Of course you understand!! You are cat people!... You would never be so mean to your beloved babies, would you? But OMG!, do you know what she said to me? She said that I needed my rest, and needed to save the ball chasing until tomorrow. What is that all about?!! You would think after all these years together, she would be more understanding of my play time, I can't help it if she wants to sleep now! She should do that earlier in the day, like I do!! Then she would be able to play with me!!! There's definitely going to be dome pillow hogging going on later tonight! Take my ball away....Sheesh!! OK, ok, I think I'm done with my rant now. Bu, could any of you cat lovers out there please do me a favor and let my mom know that she should never, ever, take our toys away? Even if it's really late at night-- let her know how traumatic it is on us kitties, especially one like me, ya know... older but spunky..-- Could ya? Please? She's not listening to me Thanks! Purrs and whiskers kisses to you all, Sammi
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Maybe mom does not understand. Us seniors are often tired and long naps help save on energy. But sometimes, we have those sudden bursts of vitality. I am the only one allowed to sleep with mommy and I am guilty of waking her up by running on/around the bed while she snores away. I play with the toys but I prefer scratching the bed posts and her shoeboxes (love cardboard). Mom then gets out of bed to let me out of the room to continue with my "foolishness" she says but by then I want to stay by her side. I am forgiven and it is back to dreamland for both of us.
Your friend, Joji
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Welcome to TCS Sammi!! I like to play with my foam ball too!

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Hi welcome to TCS!
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Welcome to TCS! My Whiskers, who passed over the RB when he was 18 played with his catnip mice and fuzzy balls right to the end!
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Sammi - Are you the calico in the picture? I'm sorry your Meowmy is so mean to you!

Let me know if I can help your Mom out with any questions about this site!
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Thanks for the warm welcome, Mom's actually been lurking at this site for a while. I am in her signature, but I'm the third kitty in. It goes in this order. Mack is first, he's the baby, only 5 months old, and, if you will pardon the expression, a real PIA. I have to constantly let him know that I the Alpha cat in this household!! Lately, he's really been pushin' my tolerance, but, Mom keeps reminding me that he's still a baby, and I need to rememeber to have a little patience with him. I suppose he will grow out of it. My sister, Callie is next. She's the calico in the signature. She's pretty cool! Mom adopted her from Animal Control about 3 years ago. When Mom adopted her, I was real lonely, caused I was really missing my long time companion, Witchie. Witchie, passed away from liver cancer, and Mom says I seemed very lost and desolate with out her around, so after taking me to the doctor to make sure there was nothing physical causing me to have the blahs, she brought home Callie. I was a bit standoffish towards her at first. You know, no one could replace my Witchie. But, Callie turned out to be a pretty awesome compnaion too. She always tried to make my day a bit brighter, and soon I wasn't feeling any of the blahs at all. The next pic--That's me!! Aren't I a handsome guy!! And I am all White, from nose to tail, no bit of other color at all. And the last pic there is of my doggie brother, Petey. Petey is only 8 months old, a Blue Heeler mix. Callie and I sure weren't happy when Mom brought him home and said we had to share all our lovin with him! Sometimes, he can be just as much of a PIA as Mack is. Puppies and kittens--pfffft!! I admitt he can be kinda cute and goofy, but, I really put my paw down on being his persoanl chew toy!! Mom says he just giving me kisses, but, I know better! Any ways, It nice to meet you all!! Whisker kisses to everyone!

P.S. I got my ball back!! Right after breakfast, too!
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Welcome to the site Sammi
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!

See you on the forums!
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