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Has your kitty ever fallen in the toilet??

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just out of curiosity, have any of you ever had a kitty fall in the toilet before??? If so, what happened when they fell in??? My abilene sleeps in the bathroom on the top shelf above the toilet, and one time when my boyfriend was over, he flushed and forgot to put down the seat- about 5 minutes after he left the bathroom, i heard a blood renching cry for meowmy....so i ran in to investigate...and low and behold, Abilene was sitting in the toilet with the most petrified look on her face. Needless to say she got a bath and some tuna fish after her horrible ordeal. I don't think she's ever forgive Colin for that Now when he comes over he always puts the seat down and even bring a laser pointer over for abilene to play with ....what a suck up lol Since her horrible ordeal, Abilene usually looks before she leaps now lol
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It was so bad for Spaz that my mom put a post-it on the inside of the lid:
"Close lid, cat swims"
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No silly shenanigans with Chasey and the toilet. I'm very lucky.
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Poor Spaz!!!!
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My Lucky did that when she was a little thing. She would love to run up and job on the lid of the toilet to watch my put on my make-up in the morning. Well one time the lid wasn't down (my bad! :P) and she came running up, slid on the tile and jumped.....right into the toilet, but i swear as soon as she hit the water she almost levitated out of the bowl, turned 180 degrees and took off down the hall (all without her feet seeming to touch the ground!) If only i'd had a camera!
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LOL poor kitty
my susie has been caught drinking from toilet
but has not fell in YET!
she sleeps in bath room a lot in sink
drinks water from shower
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Guinevere (RB kitty) had the habit of running into the bathroom ahead of you so she could sit on the edge of the tub. She knew you would be sitting for a moment and she could get some petting! In getting to the tub she would run across the toilet (lid was always down).

One day she had already fallen into the mop bucket (I had to give her a bath afterward - it would have to be dirty mop water!). I walked into the bathroom and had the toilet lid up before she ran in. Wellllll, she got another bath because someone forgot to flush.
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When scuffy was really young, he went with me in the bathroom all the time. When I flush the toilet he was really curious what is going on and have to look on the toilet bowl.

One time, my husband forgot to put the toilet seat down, I saw scuffy just left the bathroom and there was a paw prints. After that I haven't seen him looking on the toilet bowl anymore.
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The bathroom next out bedroom always has pawprints from bakker!!! Yrs ago when I had sheba as a kitten she fell in-that was the last time!
Bakker just loves watching the toilet after its been flushed too.
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yup! Leo fell in - I was doing my makeup at the time and i heard this BLOOP! and i look and he's scrambling out!
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No toilet accidents but we do have an turtle pond located in the cat enclosure that they have taken an accidental dip. Talk about one smelly kitty. They come through the cat door looking shell shocked. We are planning to remove the pond to outside.
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These stories are priceless!

Ophelia was only about 3-4 months old when she had a toilet experience. She was exploring, as kittens do, and discovered the toilet. She carefully hopped up on the lid and was investigating what was inside the bowl, inching down carefully with her front paws, keeping her back paws on the lid. Trent, being a little stinker, saw her little butt sticking up and just couldn't resist! He came running into the bathroom, smacked Ophelia on the butt causing her to slide into the toilet, turned around and high-tailed it out of there! I could have sworn I heard him laughing!!!
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Not in the toilet, but Bit did fall in the shower once. I had to replace the liner, it looked like someone had sent it through a paper shredder.
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We haven't had to many issues. I think Hope did the levitate out of the toilet trick when we forgot to put it down once. But for the most part we are pretty good about it.

HOWEVER, recently I was feeding the fish and got distracted and left the lid up. The cats like to jump from the pen to the top of the fish tank (46G). A neighbor came over and we were talking when we heard a huge splash! We are talking TOTAL submersion... How she landed just right to go through the open lid I have no idea but she went completely in. I also have plants in the tank and little floaty green mossbit and she was covered in mossbit. Of course she was out in the blink of an eye but she generated such a wave, teh sofa, blanket, wall, and recliner were all wet. Poor baby, very traumatized. Would that stop her behavior though? No, as far as I can tell she still jumps to the fish tank.
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Originally Posted by deelynn View Post
LOL poor kitty
my susie has been caught drinking from toilet
but has not fell in YET!
she sleeps in bath room a lot in sink
drinks water from shower
Everytime I see you type Susie, I think of me!
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
Everytime I see you type Susie, I think of me!
You been drinking from the toilet Susie??

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the only one that I can ever remember doing it was Simon, he used to race me to the toilet and jump on it before I got there, which is why I always closed the lid but one day I got there first, but he apparently thought he would still try to beat me, i had, however, already lifted the lid
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Originally Posted by emily_325 View Post
You been drinking from the toilet Susie??

OMG that was just too funny!!!!
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Scully did once when we first got him and got his butt stuck in there too, trying to get him back out was not fun (think 30lb kitty who is not used to being handled and scared from being stuck), its funny now but wasn't at the time.

Boomer has had some near slips and likes to drink from the toilet so the lid is kept closed now

I think all of them have fallen into the bath tub when they come in to chat while I take a bath
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Numerous times when Viola was a kitten! You'd think it would only take one time to scare her away from the toliet. I had to leave a note on the lid for my catsitter.
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Not the toilet, but my last cat used to like to drink from full bathtubs. If you ran a bath and then left it for a few minutes, you'd find her on the edge having a drink. Once I came in and yelled her name, which startled her and she fell in the tub!
She also fell into a half-full fishtank once... It had a glass lid so when she jumped on top for the umpteenth time the lid cracked in half and in she went.
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When I was in high school, my mom's cat Duke loved to drink from the toilet. (He's one of those cats who thinks he's a dog. I also think he's mildly retarded. ) Everytime my boyfriend came to visit, he would dip his paws in the toilet and then jump on him. He did this with my sister's boyfriends too. I know he fell in the toilet a few times, but I never had the good fortune of finding him in there.
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Hey at least he flushed.
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Yup Loki had his "ass over tea kettle" experience - the Indignity of it all
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Omg!!!These stories are soo hilarious!!!! I love it!!!! I think i'm gonna cry lol
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oh yea, The cat i used to have would sit on top of the shower doors how i took a shower. well she heard me in the shower, came running, went to jump on to the seat, and well the seat was up so in went kitty

who for the next hour keep looking at me going YEOW!!!!!
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I found my Rocket with his front paws in the toilet and had to face the cruel torture of a bath, he has never done it again.
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A friend's mother had a cat who drowned in the toilet - fell in head first and couldn't get back out
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Originally Posted by urbantigers View Post
A friend's mother had a cat who drowned in the toilet - fell in head first and couldn't get back out
Friend of mine had a similar experience. She and her boyfriend had just adopted a kitten. Well, they left the lid up, and...well, you know the rest. They think she hit her head when she fell in.

But, as far as my two...so far, no toilet stories. Brandon and I are sticklers about putting the lid down, so most people respect that (and when someone new comes over, we're strange enough to go into the bathroom and make sure it's down, lol).
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Tab is too scared to go near the bathroom!!
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