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Decided to do whats best...

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hey everyone,
After a very not nice conflict I have decided that getting the kitten isn't the best idea right now. I really feel crappy cause that kitten was so amazingly cute but that is kinda what helped make the decision easier. I know the kitten will find a home and if I adopt a bit of an older cat I am potentially saving it. Money-wise this month is quite hard, seeing as how school is starting and I am moving at the end of sept. And if I wait until I am moved and have a good amount of money saved, then I can be the absolute best mommy to a little special baby. I know its kinda a long explanation but I guess I just want to share my tribulations with you all so that when come when I need your help with an actual furball, you know my background a little better. I hope you all don't mind if I still stick around and inform myself so come the time I am the perfect mommy!
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What a tough decision that must have been, but I want to thank you for not taking in a kitten you couldn't provide the best of care to. Its hard, when they're so cute and cuddly, not to just impulse buy and get them, but it can lead to a lot of trouble later on, and you were wise to forsee that. We'd be glad for you to stick around! I joined up a few months before my boys came home myself, and you can learn a lot from other people here!
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I'm sure that was a very difficult descion for you to make, but i applaud you for researching and seeking advice on it. I think you will be a perfect meowmy when the right time presents itself!!!!!! I'm sending you lots of vibes and hugs . Think of your present time without a kitty as time to research and discuss things on TCS so that when you do find the right furbaby for you, you will be very informed on kitty issues and will be a perfect mommy! I also recommend reading "cats for dummies" before you adopt- the book has a ton of wonderful ideas and tips in it, that really help people who are considering adopting a cat make an informed and good decision. I love that book! It has references to practically everything from behavior to grooming. I think you made the right decision for yourself right now- and i applaud you for not being impulsive about it- you thought it out, discussed it, and made a wise choice! That's awesome. You are going to make some kitty very happy when the time is right. I'm sending you lots of vibes! Have a lovely night!
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Thanks somuch guys! What a community! I can't believe I was lucky enough to come across such great people!
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You're very welcome! I hope everything works out lovely for you Now you have an awesome time to scope out the threads and ask all of the questions you want before you get settled in and adopt the perfect kitty for you when you're ready! That'll be awesome! You're going to be such a great meowmy when the time is right!
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If you want, you can be my kitty's "godmeowmy" until you are able to adopt a lovely furbaby of your own ???
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Originally Posted by erinb_86 View Post
I hope you all don't mind if I still stick around and inform myself so come the time I am the perfect mommy!
You are going to be a great Meowmy!

I'm sorry you had to make this tough decision, but the fact that you could is a good sign of your ability to eventually take on the responsibility of a cat or cats.

Good luck, and I hope you do stick around - nothing like knowing what to do in an emergency, before the emergency.
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Wow! That is an incredibly responsible decision you made! I am 19 yers old & volunteer at the local shelter. I get people all the time who are in unstable situations, starting college, etc. & want a cute kitten. Little do they know that kitten will grow up & be not so cute, and will cost $$. I really do applaud you on your decision!

Don't worry. That kitten is cute & very adoptable. The cat for you will find you when the time is right.
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What a wise and mature decision although it must have been incredibly difficult.

I do hope you will stay around to visit and post with us, and read and learn (I've learned so much from this site I sometimes cannot believe I was so dumb about kitties). Then when your time comes to get your forever furr baby, you'll be one of the better prepared meowmies.

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Never apologise for being responsible. When the time comes, you're going to make a wonderful kitty parent. In the meantime, human members of TCS need not be accompanied by a kitty -- only love kitties. Welcome. Stick around and get comfortable.
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Thanks so much again everyone!
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You're doing what's right for you, and that's all you can do. It's better to hold off than to jump into it and get over your head.

I joined this forum when I got my first cat (we now have five...) and there's a lot of great info here. Absorb as much as you can.
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