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Advice on a new companion for Delia

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Hi all,

I have a 2-year old female named Delia who is very sweet but because of my busy schedule is spending more and more time all on her own, the poor thing. She has developed some behavioral problems in dealing with folks that come over to my house. She typically hisses at everyone. She also seems very hungry for love and attention and I feel bad I can't spend more time with her. So I have decided to get her a buddy! What would you recommend I look for in a compatible roommate? A little kitten or an older cat? Male or female? Just a bit more description about Delia... she seems a little territorial but it makes sense since she's always been an only child. She is SUPER SWEET around me but not others. I'd like to cure her of some of her paranoia. Suggestions?
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If you haven't checked with a vet, please do that to rule the possibility of illness.

Since she is territorial, you might want to look into adopting an ex-feral, who typically are happy to let the house cat be 'top cat'.

Remember to do 'proper introductions' - you may want to pull out all the stops as Delia is used to being an only child - the vanilla trick and a feliway plug. You'll get some tips if you have a search though old threads on the behaviour forum.
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I work between 12 and 14 hours a day and still find time to play with my cat. I'd make the time early in the morning (they love that) and play for at least 10 minutes with Delia. Play with her again before you go to bed.
Sorry, if you can't 'make time' to play with one cat and get her a pal as a substitute for your affections you will wind up with two unhappy cats instead of one.
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seconding the precedessors, kittens are usually easy. OR a grown up - perhaps seeking now home, who you know is sociale to other cats. Both should be good choices.

Sakais suggestion of shy semiferal is interesting, worth a try. should work well IF Delia is kind to the new one. And fostering a shy semiferal isnt especielly difficult with help of own kind homecat.
You doing a good thing at the same time...

There are surely ex semiferals, already fostered some but still somewhat shy - seeking now permanetn homes. Yes, it too worth a try.
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About the introductions, yes I've read advice on this pretty extensively in the past and I would definately be pulling out all the stops to get them used to one another. I'm anticipating a 4-week period of adjustment but I'm not worried about the new cat settling in. Delia is not mean spirited and once she understands the cat is home to stay I'm confident that it will go smoothly. I think I will take her to the vet just because she's just about due for a check-up and to pick the vet's brain. I don't believe she's ill because she has been acting pretty much the same for a while now... before and after her last visit to the vet. Thanks for the feedback.
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