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Naming new Kitten -- Help/Opinions wanted!

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Okay, to begin, I know this is my first post here and I kind of feel out of plac here, heh. I'm a 15 year old boy ^^..

My mom has never particularly liked pets at all..and when I say at all, trust me -- I mean it. So, I've never had a cat or a dog.

My sister is going away to college, and it'll just be my mom, dad, and I. We were watching a show named Wife Swap -- maybe you've heard of it. It's where 2 mothers switch families..this one was a super neat (spent ALL day cleaning)-no-pets-tolerated lady, and another with 25+ random pets. To make a long story short, the pet lady ended up buying a cat for the other neat family. The kids and father loved it. When the mother came home, she was disgusted, but in the "where are they now" session, she decided that she actually started to love the cat. My mom finally said "well, if she can do it, so can I."

And then with some sweet talking and help from relitaves, I've talked her into getting a kitten. I'm going to be getting it on Thursday. Please don't lecture me on the responsibility, because trust me -- I've been doing plenty of reading, and my aunt has told me all about what needs to be done. Some doesn't seem like the funnest (IE: Litterbox changing), but is essential to having your kitten lead a happy life.

Anyways, on to my main point. I don't know if I want a boy or a girl cat (My aunt says boys are more cuddly -- can anyone confirm/deny?) and I also don't know what color I'd like -- however I know I don't want a solid black, or solid white. I'll probably end up going for a mix.

Naming has been a huge decision for me, and I've asked for help from friends and family, but some hate some and love some..and I don't know. It's my cat so I shouldn't worry about what others think about what I call him/her, right?

I do like the following names: Peanut, Olive, Almond, and Hazel. I'm aware that if I get a boy, I'll be in quite a pinch name-wise. (I guess Almond would work, maybe??) Does anyone like these names?

How do you name your cats? Go to the pet store/shelter with a set name in mind and try to match it to a cat, or pick a cat you like and then try to find a name that matches it? Hopefully I'll get some sort of response, to help make this easier for me. Thank you!
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As far as picking a cat out, since you're not set on a sex or a color, just go to your local shelter (please don't buy from a pet store unless their cats are from the shelter, most of the "purebreds" at pet stores are from backyard breeders who don't care about the breed and just want to make a buck). Maybe tell the workers there about what kind of personality you're looking for (cuddly, for instance) and let them show you a few. I think things like cuddliness can be found in both males and females, so just keep an open mind and wait for the one that picks you. Most people's experience is that the cat chooses you in the end, not the other way around.

As far as naming goes, if you're getting a cat from the shelter, it might already have a name that you decide suits him or her. Otherwise, a lot of times, a name just comes to you while you're looking at the cat. lol Sometimes, people just call the cat whatever he'll respond to.

As a suggestion, since your family isn't used to having animals, it might be easier for you to get a slightly older cat, out of the kitten stage. Kittens tend to be rambunctious and energetic, and they usually need to be taught house manners like don't scratch the couch, which if your mom is wavering on the pet issue could push her over the edge really quickly. A slightly older, more laid back cat could help her learn to love animals first and be more tolerant of a mischeivous youngster later. I hope some of that helped, welcome to the Cat Site and don't be afraid to come on here to ask any more questions you might have!
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You pick the cat - or it picks you - and then you name it

You might want to consider a slightly older cat especially as your mom isn't thrilled about pets. Babies are always more work than adults.

Many people do find boy cats more cuddly, but this is ON AVERAGE. There is no guarentee that if you get a boy that he will be more cuddly, plenty of them are quite aloof. Actually, that's another point in favour of an older cat - their personality will already be known before you adopt them.

Please take the time to read the health and behaviour forums over the next few days as you prepare (especially the stickies), these will be a big help to you if troubles begin to arise. Find out about things like declawing and alternatives. Oh, and I do hate to mention, but since I don't know your mom, I hope you will take this as a general comment and not an insult: if you suspect your mom might take the cat to be declawed, please just adopt a cat that has already been declawed.

Good luck, and welcome to the cat site!
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Yay for the quick replies -- thank you!

I had my eye on a 3 year old cat at a shelter, but my aunt decided that if I got a kitten, the possibility of my mom falling in love with it would be greater -- which is almost opposite to what you had said. Hmm. Both are valid points.

I've been doing tons of research, and feel like I can fix problems that arise, however, like most things, I'm sure it's easier said than done. XD

On the declawing topic --

My parents told me that it would need to be declawed in order for me to get it. The next day, I read up on it, and I didn't know it was so horrible. I explained to them that it's equilivent to having your fingers cut off to their first knuckle -- that's badd..then to pitch my idea, I found Soft Claws, which sold to them. =D So, thats what we'll end up doing.

I have some concerns that hopefully someone can answer.

My aunt asked me if I'd let the new cat sleep with me. I sleep later in the summer, and I'm sure the cat is on a different agenda than me. Secondly, I don't want it to make any *accidents* on me or my bed. Ew. Any advice there?

How do you teach a cat to use the litterbox? I read that you let the cat stand in it, so it'll get the hint..but I don't see how this would work. =S
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Burying waste is an instinctive trait in cats - they hide their waste so that predators and prey don't know they're around. So most cats, especially older ones, will do it automatically once you've shown them the proper place to go in. My boys are free to sleep with me (though they don't often unless its cold) and I've never had a problem with them going to the bathroom on the bed. Most animals will avoid using the bathroom in places where they eat and sleep, so it probably won't be a problem. I would imagine it would be more of a concern with a very very young kitten than a kitten a few months old.

Congratulations to you on talking your parents out of declawing! The name is so innocuous, as if they just took the claws off, and most people don't know the real horror that it is. On top of that, declawed cats are more prone to toilet problems due to the pain of the surgery and are more likely to be biters as they have no other way to defend themselves. Not every declawed cat has behavioral problems, but its not uncommon. Soft Claws have a large and very pleased following on these forums, so you can let your parents know that they indeed work. In addition, provide a variety of scratching posts (sisal, carpet, cardboard, horizontal, vertical, etc) and your cat will find something that he likes a lot, and you're unlikely to have any scratching problems at all.

Why don't you take your mom with you cat-hunting? That way you could decide together, and older or younger, she's more likely to fall in love. Though honestly, its pretty hard not to fall in love anyways.
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Hi, welcome to TCS! I find kitties usually name themselves as you get to know each other and you become more acquainted with her/his personality. Also, my girlies sleep with me every night.
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Welcome to TCS!!!! These ladies have already give you excellent advice, so i didn't see a need to add anything. Please feel free to PM me if there is anything else you need or if you come across any questions! I'd be happy to help you! I'm soo excited you talked your mom out of declawing- that is wonderful. I noticed you live in NY. I suggest doing a search on for a potential kitty. Many, many shelters post pictuers and information about the ktity- that way you can research before you go to the shelter. I highly recommend adopting a shelter kitty- many have been abandoned and left to die...It is very sad....I do shelter rescues and foster for local rescue organizations around Memphis....just a small tid-bit of info- usually the last kitty's to get adopted from shelters around the country are Black Adult kitties. There are many who need loving and wonderful homes! I wish you the best of luck when you and your family go visit the local shelters....don't worry, the right kitty will "adopt you". I also suggest reading "Cat for Dummies" of "Kittens For Dummies"- both books are excellent, excellent guides that discuss everything from spay/neuters to grooming- they will definitely answer a lot of kitty questions that may arise. It will also help you and your family understand the kitty and become good owners. You can find it at local bookstores or your local libary. Good luck! You are going to be a very responsible cat owner - Also, in a little side note- there is no difference in affection between males or females cat- attitude and affection varies from cat to cat, not gender to gender....My little Siamese Jasmine is about the most affectionate little girl i've ever seen . I would also suggest contacting local vets and finding a veterinarian before you adopt so you will be able to take the kitty in for a check up and have a number in case of an emergency...also, find the nearest location of your local Animal Emergency Center...they are after hours veterinarian practies open nights, weekends, and holidays- you always want to keep their number handy in case an emergency should arise. Good luck! And have fun picking out the perfect name for your kitty when you find it.
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I'm so glad that you want to take on a kitty. You will find much joy and understanding in their ways, and you will learn a lot about yourself in this process.

To answer some of your questions, I have two boys. Are they cuddly? Sure, but this can be a blessing and a curse. 8-Bit is verrryyy needy, and demands that one pays attention to him a lot of the time. He has to know what is going on at all times, this includes the bathroom, the kitchen, and the bedroom. I find it endearing, but some may find this behavior annoying. He's just hit the year mark so some of the neediness is going away, but for a few months I really thought that I would have a little gray shadow for the next 20 years. Scratch Fury Destroyer of Worlds has to have me in his sight at all times. If I lock him out of a room he will cry.

Picking a cat: Both of mine picked me. 8-Bit walked up to me, bit me, scratched my husband, and curled up in the kitty carrier and fell asleep. We didn't have a choice there. Scratch gave me a look like he had been waiting for me, so I took him home too
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As for the litter box question, I've never had an issue with my boys. Bit adopted us at 12 weeks, and with one glaring exception because of a moved litter box, he has never gone outside of it. Scratch used the litter box from the day we brought him home as well. This is also a good way of knowing your kitty isn't feeling well. If it has been using its box for a while with no accidents, and then suddenly starts going outside of it, you should make an appointment with a vet. It's a big sign that it may have an infection.
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Awesome advice everyone -- thank you.

I thought of another question.

I have a fish, a beta fish. He lives in a bowl on my high dresser. I'd bet that if my kitty is new, it won't be able to get up so high, but of course there's always a chance, and I'm worried about Neptune. Do any of you have fish & cats too?

Also, I tried getting my mom/dad to come cat searching with me..but they're all like "ewwww" my aunt and I are going to go -- and hope for the best.
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Check the Cats and Other Animals forum. You will probably find the info you need about your fish and the new cat.

I think it's great your aunt is willing to help and go with you to pick out your cat. My niece and nephew thought I was pretty awesome aunt. They always loved playing with our cats when they visited. (And now their kids have cats to love. I'd like to think I had something to do with it. )

And welcome!
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I would suggest you get a girl cat. For a number of reasons:
1) boy cats seem more adventurous, and girls like to stay at home (well most of them do lol)
2) boys play up a bit more than girls. Two cat's I was going to have b4 Tab knocked plantpots over and everything, therefore we never had them, Tab came along.
The name all depends on what it looks like.
If you have a white cat, you can't really call it Sooty. And if you have a black cat, you can't really name it Snowy.

Good luck trying to find a kitty!!
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