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What do you think?

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Hi Guys,

Yeah, me again - still shuffling cats around! I need one last little bit of advice....

We adopted Phoebe who's a 1 year old Russian Blue from Sydney just a few days ago (if you haven't seen her photo yet have a look at the Cat Lounge post "Wedding Photo"). Now, the problem is Phoebe had a boyfriend called Ziggy who is a 1 year old black purebred Bombay (cost these people $500!) who also needs to be re-homed.

Now, there's no question about it - we need to have Ziggy with us too for many reasons but mostly because I'm sure Phoebe's missing him already.

What are the best excuses/reasons/arguments call them what you like but I need to convince my husband that Ziggy absolutely has to come live with us! His argument are "costs too much to feed two cats", "have to pay double for cattery at holidaytime", "He'll make Phoebe less affectionate towards us" etc etc.

Please help - I need to rescue Ziggy within a week and a half!


Here's Ziggy and Phoebe snuggling up together in their old home:
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Gee photos really do say a thousand words don't they! After posting about Ziggy and seeing them snuggled up in the photo perhaps that photo is one of my best weapons! Must duplicate on colour printer and paste all over the home.....

Really keen to hear other suggestions though (you can save the sob story suggestions - that'll be my last resort telling him that we have 42 hours to save his life....)


And look very carefully in the background of this photo of Phoebe at about 12 weeks - there's Ziggy playing with her tail as she poses for the camera - how cute....
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Lisa I just had to smile reading you posts about the continuing cat saga. And the pitcures are TOOOOO sweet.

Anyway, a couple of suggestions spring to mind:

1. Will Phoebe be on her own all day? That is a good arguement for having 2 cats. She could develop personality problems if she was lonely - never mind trashing your furniture

2. Would hubbs get jealous if he felt Phoebe was being affectionate with you and ignoring him? Wouldn't he like his own cat to cuddle of a cold evening (oops - you don't have them in Aus - do you!!)

3. Money is a difficult one to get around. You forgot vet bills - which can be the real killer - never mind food! If you insure your cats there are a lot of companies who do reductions on more than one cat - that helps a bit. Maybe you ought to broach that one with him before his thinks of it?

4. But I think your trump might be the emotional one. Paint a picture. 'Hon - imagine coming home from work in the evening and having TWO babies greet us. To sit sipping wine and wathcing them frolic in the garden'. You get my drift . . .

Let us all know how it goes - I'm sure we'd all love Phoebe and Ziggy to be reunited once again!
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I know that they are purebred, but if hubby starts in on the fact that they might mate and he doesn't want kittens, just tell him you are a responsible pet owner and both cats will be fixed. (If they aren't already)

The two of them should be together. That picture plastered around your place should speak volumes to your hubby. Thank you for caring about the fate of these cats.
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Ditto from me too!
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You might help convince hubby by pointing out that she'll love you even more if she's happy. If her heart aches because she had to leave her companion behind, how will she ever truly be happy? Play up the emotional aspects of it - she needs her man!

And WOW are they gorgeous! Best of luck - please make sure you let us all know what happens.

Sending hopeful thoughts your way.
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Feeding two cats doesnt cost that much compared to 4,6,8 or more cats like some people have. I have 4 cats who have been together from day 1 and none of them are any less affectionate because they have each other. It's nice for a cat to have a partner in crime. Cats do like interacting with people but the relationship they have with their own kind is something special and I think it's important for cats to be housed in pairs. You could always bribe your husband!

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He Agreed!!!!!

I couldn't believe it, it only took me 2 days to get Tom to agree to taking Ziggy! Kept showing him the photos and pointing out that Phoebes little meows and searching the house was a simply a broken hearted cats plea to be reunited with her much loved kitty boyfriend!

Last night I emailed Ziggy's owners and asked for him to be put on a flight out of Sydney as soon as is convenient for them. Hopefully we'll have him by the weekend and the two little lovecats can continue on their lives together. They'll be able to frolick lovingly together in the fresh country air, sit paw in paw on our deck as they admire the sweeping mountain views with the blue southern skies washing over their furry little bodies.... awwh, such a romantic picture isn't it.:tounge2:

Both of them are desexed so there's no chance of hearing the pitter patter of tiny little Russian/Bombay feet around our home!

Can't wait! I'll keep you up to date on the latest developments - hey, this time I might take my camera to the airport to capture Phoebes beau arriving!

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That is wonderful news!


I am so happy you get both of them!
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Tom is a GREAT hubby for agreeing to this! You've got a good one there Lisa!

We want all the details of the kitty reunion too!!!!
meow meow meow meow.........
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This is great news! I agree - please keep us posted! YIPEEEE!!!!
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Lisa - that's fantastic news! Good luck with your new and extended kitty family.
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Hooray for Phoebe and Ziggy! They look so happy in that picture you posted, I'm sure they will be happy to see each other again. How long have they been separated? I'm just wondering if they will immediately recognize each other if they have been apart and they smell different?

I agree with the others here. You definitely have a good hubby, Lisa!
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Phoebe and Ziggy have only been separated for just under a week (it will be a week tomorrow). They should fall into each other's arms immediately due to the short separation. Ziggy has been fretting very badly apparently, meowing all over the house and searching everywhere for her.

At this stage I think he'll be arriving today sometime, got my cell phone with me to receive a call as to what time to collect him from the airport. I'll definately report back to give details on the reunion!

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What's the news???????????
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OK, I must be a little emotional today, because this whole thing just brought tears to my eyes. I think you have a wonderful husband & maybe just maybe he tried to think of being with out you & realized how much they must miss each other. (Ok, Have to go now getting even more mushy)
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You will need to account for the fact that Ziggy is going to be a bit shell shocked from air travel. I would put Ziggy alone in a room for at least 24 hrs so he can decompress. Leave Phoebe's blanket in the room so Zig can smell her, but let him have at least a day to de-stress. Good luck!
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Hi Guys!

Sorry I didn't get to post yesterday I was sooooo busy! Ziggy touched down at the local airport at 10:20am and all went to plan. I ran him home in my lunch break and settled him in before having to return to work.

Phoebe was great, she's such a sweetie. As soon as she realised it was Ziggy in the cat cage she climbed right in there with him and proceeded to lick his forehead, eyes and ears as if trying to revive him. He was still very drowsy from the sedative he was given for the flight. I told Phoebe she was in charge and to show him around while I went back to work. When I came home he was in the loungeroom behind the loungesuite. He ventured out after a few hours and began exploring and inspecting our home. At about 8:30pm he'd given our home the thumbs up and came to me for a pat, his coat is really silky. He meowed most of the night and we all took turns in comforting him, me first then Phoebe and then Tom! He doesn't seem scared, just a little confused and unsettled.

We had to go out for a few hours today, when we came home Ziggy was ready for lots of pats, hugs and scratches - and purring madly! He's been rolling onto his back inviting Tom and I to give him big tummy rubs!

Phoebe's getting a little jealous with all the attention Ziggy's been getting so we're very mindful of the need to distribute the affection equally! We just hope that Ziggy is settled enough now so we can all get a good nights sleep!

Keep you posted!

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Oh LIsa - that is wonderful news. How about a pic of the newly reunited couple?
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Well, we have not slept since my last post (that's 3 nights without sleep!).

Ziggy is yowling all night still and his owners tell me that it's because he wants to go outside. Now, I don't know about the US but here in the area I live it is illegal to let cats outside at night. Aside from the law and the danger to themselves there is also the local wildlife to consider.

We don't know what to do, we try and comfort him but he just won't stop carrying on at night time. He's even ripped up our carpet and scratched at our walls! He goes into the bathroom where his yowls echo so we tried to lock him out of there. You wouldn't believe it, he must stand at the end of the halway and propel his body against the door because the thump/crash noise is pretty scary. Needless to say we were forced to reopen the bathroom door so that he didn't cause himself an injury.

The worse part is that dear Phoebe has become withdrawn and can't stand the sight of him! It was because of their supposed "relationship" that we decided to take Ziggy. Luckily his owners have promised to take him back if he doesn't work out so at least we have options.

Sleepless in Australia
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Lisa - has Ziggy been fixed?

What about trying to take him out on a lead/harness so he can get a taste of the great outdoors during the evenings/weekends.

It such a shame he's playing up. What went wrong - with Phoebe's welcome you think Ziggy would calm down quickly.

It would be a real pity to separate them again after all the time and trouble to untie them.

Maybe some of our more experienced cat people can offer some real behavioural advice?
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Yes Yola, Ziggy's desexed. We have taken him outside on his harness but he's not real keen on daytime adventures so we even tried taking him out at night time which still didn't satisfy him.

He is just a totally different cat to Phoebe - she waltzed out of her cat cage after her flight and said "Here I am, aren't I just gorgeous!" and gave us a big forehead smooch (you know the one, when they rub their noses and cheek across your forehead 4 or 5 times in a row). She did a 20 min inspection of the house and then said "What's for dinner?", ate dinner then smooched with us the rest of the night before purring herself to sleep between us in bed!

I've had cat's all my life and have come to learn what they're feeling by their body language etc. Ziggy doesn't seemed totally stressed out, he's just not happy with the situation - he wants to be free to roam outside at night and we won't let him. He comes up for hugs, pats and kisses and eats well but then yowls and becomes very destructive at night time. He obviously just isn't happy here.

Phoebe has totally changed since his arrival, preferring to sit alone and not interacting with us like she used to. She was overweight when she came to us and we couldn't work out why because she's not a really foodie. As soon as Ziggy arrived she started eating frantically which we can only put down to her feeling that Ziggy is a threat to her food supply so she eats everything really fast.

At this point we think we'll be sending him back to his owners in Sydney - it will be best for all concerned, they miss him terribly too.

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I'm so sorry it isn't working out with Ziggy. Maybe you and non-Russian Blues were just not meant to be.

But if both cats are unhappy and you and Tom are getting no sleep, you right, it's far the best thing to do.

Take care
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Ziggy has been sent back to his owners in Sydney. They were happy to take him back and apologised profusely for his bad behaviour. I assured them that we didn't blame him or them and that like you say Yola, it obviously just wasn't meant to be.

Well, the good news is.... Phoebe is returning to her old self already with lots of smooches and cuddles being offered to us once again! We will now all be able to get some sleep and get on with our lives!

:rainbow: :daisy: :bubbly:

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Loved the picture you posted. Will you keep posting??? They are adorable!!!!!!
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Hi Meghan,

Here's a photo we took of Phoebe - she just loves that Teddy!
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All is well in the world!

Finally, the cat shuffling is over!

Phoebe is sooooooo affectionate and happy these days. She's eating normally (rather than pigging out like she was when Ziggy was here) and seems very content being "top cat".

She curls up on my chest everynight while I lay on the lounge watching TV - her furry, purry little head rests against my cheek and she offers lots and lots of kisses constantly. At night she sleeps with us and just loves being hugged while she sleeps - sooooo sweet! :tounge2:

Ziggy has settled back in at home and his owners say he's acting like he never left. Both cats seem to be happier than ever!

Thank you so much guys for being there for me, you've made all of this so much easier to deal with.

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Phoebe is a beautiful Russian Blue! She looks very happy with her Teddy! Sorry to hear it didn't work out with Ziggy --
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Lisa ~ I too am sorry that Ziggy was not meant to be with you in your family. Your Phoebe looks like a doll and very content!
I hope that you post a lot of pics of your girl. She is truly beautiful.....
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