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Global Positioning System or Alternative...

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I am considering the construction or purchase of something to prevent my cats from getting lost in case they get outside. Someone kidnapped my cat last year. I found her, thank goodness, but have been afraid to lose her and my other two ever since. I am aware of the inserted chip, but in order for it to be used, the finder of the pet must be sure to take it to the SPCA so that the chip can be scanned. Not everyone will take the animal to the Spca, therefore, this does not seem like an ideal solution.

So, I am thinking along the lines of a GPS (Global Positioning System), but I understand that each collar costs over $300...with 3 cats, that is out of the question financially for me at the moment.

Anyone have any other ideas or know of where I can find a much less expensive GPS?
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Well, it's still not cheap but you could try the Pettrax Cat Traxx pet tracking system...
You are unlikely to be able to find a GPS transmitter/reciever system for much less than the price you mentioned. At least, I have not found any for pets for less than about $250.

IMO a collar tag and a microchip or tattoo is the best combination to help reunite you with a lost pet, even if you use a GPS system it is still good to have these forms of ID on your pets. Plus, in case of an animal being stolen the microchip/tattoo would be proof that they belong to you. A collar (even a GPS/tracking collar) can be removed, but a microchip or tattoo is permanent. The microchip does require someone to read it, but most vets and shelters now have the scanners. A collar tag is what I call the first line of defense. It is visible and easy to read quickly. You could also mention on the tag that the pet has a tattoo or a microchip. If you want to go high-tech, there are now e-tags where you can program many lines on info into the tag, as well as tags that are actually mini USB drives where you record all the info on the computer and then it is retrieved if someone plugs the tag into a computer.

I have found so many stray pets that were obviously family pets at some point, but I was unable to reunite them with their owners because they did not have any ID. Many were wearing collars but no tag. When I have found a dog with an ID tag (never found a cat with one) I am able to quickly contact their owners--or slightly less quickly if they only have a city license or a rabies tag-- but with the tagless dogs I've found I rarely am able to reunite them with their owners.
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I also think the microchip is a good way to go. The vet can scan too. Then if you are really concerned you could add a tattoo to that, maybe in the ear where it is much more visible.
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