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I was brushing My 5 month old Isis (the dark grey in my siggy) and I noticed all white stuff coming off of her when i brushed.. it looks like dandruff? what is this stuff? What do I do about it?
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Yes, cats can have dandruff. I've heard it can be because they aren't getting enough oils in their diet. I think some people add fish oil to their cat's food to help this. You might try using the search feature to get more info. Also, I'd talk with a vet before making any changes.
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dandruff can come from different things. a health issue which usually can only be seen with blood tests. an allergy to a food or mites which can only be determined with a hypoallergenic food elemination or allergy work up (expensive and last resort after food elemination) or stress or lack of self bathing.
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Most cats it is a sign of not enough oils ...
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