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antibiotic and vomiting

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I just got Bunny's amoxicillin this morning for a urinary problem. She took the first dose and was fine until an hour ago. Then she vomited several times, like all her dinner.
She is now not hungry for her usual nite snack. Very unlike her.
Does anybody know if cats have reactions to medications? Vet is closed for the evening.
I'm just a nervous "cat mom". But she has not vomited for a year. Any experiences out there?
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I've had a few problems over the years like that, most of the time they were cured with medicating with a meal or large snack. I imagine that some cats can be more tummy sensative than others, just like people (me being one I'd ask your vet first thing in the morning, and not worry about it tonight.

If you're really concerned, say, she is acting strange (and not just the "Ugh, I threw up" kind), your vet will probably have an emergency number to call on their answering machine, or look up "emergency vet" in the phone book. Most of the time they will answer questions like that for you.
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Yes, cats can be allergic to certain medications. Contact your vet in the morning. (unless you feel her condition requires immediate attention) If he suspects that's the case, he can switch Bunny to something else.
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Well, thanks for the good thoughts. She has vomited again twice. but she is not in any dire distress with her breathing. But she is sure sick about something. She growled when I picked her up to examine her mouth and throat. I'll leave her be with a dish of water for awhile. Dont think I will sleep tonight!
I will post tomorrow and let you know how it goes.
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Dont think I will sleep tonight!
I know how you feel. Make sure to let us know how she's doing.
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whatever you do, i wouldnt give her the amoxicillin again. it sounds like she is very probably allergic to it.
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Yes kitty may have a bad side effect or an intolerence to this antibiotic... I just discussed this topic yesturday with my vet about Kandie who is not eating much on her antibiotic/// CAll in the morning
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